How COVID 19 Pandemic has Impacted Businesses Around the Globe?

How COVID 19 Pandemic has Impacted Businesses Around the Globe?

  • 04-16-2020

Economy Status With COVID-19 

Epidemic’s traumas 
The pandemic in which the aggregate planet is undergoing nowadays brought not only the health crisis also, it came up with multi-depressed circumstances throughout. As the nuisance is spreading all along it is fending off the prosperity of human beings. 

New Year Arrival
The new year 2020 carried many deformations with it in the form of COVID-19. 
Coronavirus began with the Republic of China and in a very limited time spread all over the world and now every state is entangled in combat of relief from viruses. Though each country has different quantum and victims of corona but the patient ratio is expanding day by day and hence the proper vaccine is not invented till date. Although researchers are occupied in preparing a remedy, still not touched the exact medicine successfully. For the time being, the whole medical science is manipulating alternatives for the cure of victims of COVID-19.


Due to this pestilence, the most and primary deterrence that was accomplished is the social distance among the people. The act of social distancing actually obscured all the economical issues inside it. The virus not only destroyed the health section of a state also reduced the wealth proportion of the country as well as the world.

Government’s Preventive Measures 

Due to the threat of Corona, every state government tend to formulate some crucial decisions in order to curb the virus spread including:
•    Social distance among people
•    Long vacations of schools and all educational institutions 
•    Shutdown of business and trade enterprises
•    Forbid on Travel and Tourism 
•    Restriction on all public and recreational spots 
•    Layover of transport 


In accordance with these government actions, where the chances of transfer of virus diminished on the other side these measures became the reason for a big fall into the world economy and this economical decline encompasses minor to major enterprises and small to big entrepreneurs. This outbreak produced a huge shortfall of basic necessities especially for labour and middle-class communities. The lockdown of cities outstation the people’s utilities and make them hand to mouth.

Collision of Economy in this Outbreak 

Now let’s discuss the impact of the outbreak on the economy, as the health standards are the fundamental priority, therefore, it became vital for capitalists and business tycoons to submit their solidarity with the government.

Due to lockdown, the production units of several domestic demands are freeze but the need is continued which is proceeding towards the economy disappointment. On the other hand, the labour and working staff got off from work for a long interval. Self employer are also freed for an unexpected length. Most of the faculty members are discharged from their employment in this outbreak. Hence, the large percentage of society is undergoing with lack of capital and utilities. Although each kingdom’s administration has tried to bring about smart strategies and making good efforts to furnish necessary grocery and utility requirement to the public voluntarily, still, the underprivileged and underdeveloped countries are picking up adversity due to the shortcomings of resources but these deficiencies are not occurring only on the personal or provincial deficit. It is also reflecting its demerits on the economy of the state for a long span.

Deterioration on the world economy. 

According to the World Trade Organization report, the commutation excess of the world depleted between 13% and 32% this year. The world economy is depriving due to the complete or partial lockdown through which trade and business has sustained excursions throughout. The continents and the subcontinents all are running through challenging scenarios where trade is totally lacking with finance. The WTO indicated that this economy drop will be multiplied in the arrival days.

The Shortfall Coming to Asian Countries

According to the WTO summary, the Asian countries will endure a gigantic degeneration in the businesses especially the export trades will precipitate in these days.

Major Drawbacks of the Lockdown 
•    Drop off in the Industrial Outpu
The production sector of a state clenches a massive space in economy and due to the shutdown of capitals, the government is powerless to generate finance and thus the Economy is striding towards insufficient resources in the country and also the import sector will be disintegrated as a consequence.
•    Business Layoff
As entrepreneurs are the essential building blocks in the horizon, the timely shutdown of businesses not only puts on loss to the capitalists,  furthermore,  it affects the whole economy and the patron support to the economy will not be possible to the unconditional term. The stock exchange points are constantly falling in these days.
Loss of Travel and Tourism Sector 

The country which has a broad-gauge territory for tourism get a big capital assistance from the revenue generated from the tourists. Due to the travel ban, the subsidy is not sponsoring the government from the travel and tourism sector and thus the state's finance is running out and no limitations of this shortfall are detected yet.
Additional Revenue is Expected for the Health Sector

Due to the virus, the health percentage of the countries is demanding big finance for the patients in the form of hospitals, quarantine centers, testing kits, medicines, plasma transfer kits, and many other medical equipment as well. A large quantity of face masks, gloves and related preventive gauges for the public is also a big deal for government. 
Other than these factors there are a lot of minuses in the economy due to the shutdown of small and regular industries and self-employed corporations.
Consequences of Economy Decline on Nation

In this economical status, currently, the nations are enduring a lot and also met with a hubble-bubble situation in many divisions. Perhaps, people will condone with the following critical dilemmas in the future.
•    Running out of utilities 
•    Financial deployment 
•    Inflation
•    Step back in health and education 
•    Having complications in performing religious worships on the whole, etc.


These impacts of COVID-19 on people may lead them to depression and anxiety and though the whole society will face multi challenging circumstances and possibilities throughout. As this epidemic impact negatively on health and finance categories, similarly it is weakening the social and ethical values of the society.
Reformations Needed For the Solace of Outbreak 

Due to the depriving outcomes of COVID-19, some truly developed states are now in the procedure of inaugurating robotic faculty in order to elevate their economy in routine. The struggling states are required to make maximum techniques for possible online industry on a national and international rationale so that the government can minimize the economy deficits. There is yet a dire need to start production whether on limited volumes to overcome the utilities of state and stable the economy spaces. 
Here is a research that shows the IT industry advancement in this time where no other industrial implementation is speculated. 

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