germany Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

germany Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

Germany has transformed itself as a global force in various fields of life, it has been recognised on international levels for bringing up some of the most integral and newest innovations in the history of humanity. Let it be education, health care, sciences, political or socioeconomic challenges, The country has played its role profoundly. The gym and fitness industry is no different than the rest, however, entitled personalities believe that the fitness industry still has a lot of potential in it. However, it has grown tremendously over the years but there are many milestones to be achieved thereon. According to reports, the fitness markets worth has levelled up to €4.8bn per annum. People find it difficult to believe this hefty amount which is generated but it is as true as it can get. According to health reports, a part of Germanys total gyms and fitness studios are designed in different themes and demonstrate art and literature of different forms of life. People who are driven towards health and fitness but also relish the artistry of men are the ones who regularly visit the gym. Germanys net number of private health centres are over 8500, and out of this pie, a quarter of centres are designed like studios over a moderate piece of land. These studios are not spacious and extravagant like the gyms in more western countries but have a touch of personalization, it is more than just about fitness and health care. Separate gyms are made for women however others are unisex, These gyms incur Electro Muscle Stimulation ( EMS ). 

Gyms in Germany focus on ambience and vibes along with the top equipment. Music is an important factor in all fitness studios as people thrive on the fact that it motivates and levels up the spirits. The country also forms a great deal of athleisure wear where brands like Adidas and Puma are in vogue due to the sleek, stylish and comfortable attires they present in the market. The German market is in itself resilient and has brands of its own which produce fitness pairs like no other and it is a challenge for foreign labels to permeate this market and introduce new brands. 

Revenue of $631m is generated per annum from the user base of 14.1 million, The fitness industry has broken bars on many levels and is still continuing to grow through many parts in the country. The youth of the country is adopting western notions of body standards including flexible muscles, a set of abs, stoned chest and strong bones. There are separate gyms for people who are interested in bodybuilding, there are sessions including HIIT, diet plans, Cardio sessions and outdoor workouts. Luxury and premium gyms cost a bomb but people wish to experience the exquisite facilities they offer. Senior gyms are more easy and fun as the main motto of fitness for them is to lead a body with proper functionality and not to have muscles rippling under their skin. Other than professional centres, Outdoor games are considered as a big part of the exercise and are cherished by young and middle-aged people. 

In-house gyms are growing in numbers and the market for equipment manufacturing and distribution is the skyrocketing. People who wish to work out on their desired time and within the comfort of their homes opt for in-house gyms and buy dumbbells, treadmills, bikes etc. 

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