Finland Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

Finland Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

The ultimate goal of the human race is to be happy and to have that feeling continued until the end. The country that sets an example with its enriched lifestyle and engaging culture in Finland. It topped the list of World Happiness Index 2020 and showed the world a healthy lifestyle to follow. The world is amazed by the way of living of Finns and wants to adopt those traits and practices to have some extra share of happiness in their life.

Actions speak louder than words, this quote fits on the Finland government as many other countries are giving importance to the healthy lifestyle in their speeches and slogans but under the National Physical Activity Promotion campaign Finland has taken actions from their schools to workplaces to implement their healthy Finland motive. Its compulsory in schools there to have 2hrs minimum physical education, they are promoting the use of cycles as the mode of transportation in regards to health and the environment.

The Finns are using a lot of apps and wearables to track their fitness and according to the Statista report, this industry has surpassed the $45 million mark and will have an upward trend in coming years as more and more Finns are adopting this lifestyle and using these technologies to track their own activities. There are multiple trends which people are adopting there as part of their nation wise fitness campaign. The following are some rising and interesting trends.

The use of horses is very common in the rural parts of Finland but in urban areas, its difficult to raise a horse so they have found an alternative to have all the benefits of horse riding. The craze of soccer and rugby is huge in Finland and this craze is not confined till watching and supporting their national teams but in fact, they have introduced their local versions of these sports like Swamp soccer which they play in muddy fields which makes it difficult to move but they love it and it is considered a great fitness activity.

This type of racing is very famous in that part of Europe and it attaches them with their ancient culture. The bicycles are their new mode of transport and they are using them in racing events also. Reindeer are used as cart pullers and its famous in the countryside there and many urban people also travel there to take part in that and the mechanics of race require the movement of arms and lower part of the body and its way better than bike or car racing. Similarly, bicycles are used in racing events and this trend has seeped in the entire nation from Youngs to adults.

The gym is part of their everyday life and they can’t even decipher their day without it and to innovate this culture they have in-house gyms or open-air gyms with proper machines to train every part of their body. They even encourage the use of homemade weights just to reduce the dependability on real weights so people can adopt this fitness trend easily.

 Finland has some amazing nature spots which you rarely come across in different countries. Lush green forests, widely spread lakes, open skies with auroras and to stay in that environment is considered as bathing. Their fitness is the combination of physical activity and their mental strength for which they use nature as a source. They jog, camp, walk and do cycling there and absorb the calmness of the environment and it gradually becomes part of their lifestyle

The 360-degree approach fitness by Finns has no match and they have given life goals to all the countries with their overall lifestyle. They not only use ancient ways but also bring innovation with their out of the box activities and they back it up through cutting edge software technology. Their practices should be considered as the way toward happiness by other countries and it’s a need to bring people away from materialistic happiness to real and long-lasting happiness 

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