Press Releases

Press Releases

Global Fuel Cell Technology to reach a market value of $54 billion by 2030, forecasts market decipher

  • 05-29-2021

A fuel system is a system that efficiently conducts and produces electricity by merging anode and a cathode absorbed in an electrolyte medium.
Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy by fuel cells. Buildings use fuel cells as source of heat and energy as well as electrical power sources for electrical motors that drives cars. As long as fuel cells have access to fuel and oxygen and can generate electricity, they don’t need to be charged externally.

One of

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Medical clothing market to reach a market value of $xx billion by 2027, forecasts market decipher

  • 07-04-2020

Medical clothing is a protective clothing product that safeguards medical professional from destructive pathogens. Medical protective clothing is not only essential for doctors but also for patients to protect themselves from the pathogens and bacteria all over the hospitals. The different types of protective clothing is available in market. Medical professional prefers this type of clothing based on the requirements if their job. The major types of protective clothing include mask, safety glasses, gloves, lab coat, surgical gown, shoes/boot mask. Glasses are protection

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