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Market Decipher concentrates largely on Clients’ privacy and safeguarding their personal information shared with us. We upgrade our privacy policies as an integral process for our organisation as and when a revision is employed by governing agencies or whenever new products or technologies are launched.

The European Data Protection Directive launched in 1995, was recently replaced by introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018 due to the technological advancements and digital growth. This recent update is reflected in our privacy policies to align ourselves in the digitally expanding era.

Please read carefully:

The privacy policies define Market Decipher’s strategies towards the personal information and data collected by the company. The following explains the users how we gain access to your data and how we further take care of it once we have full access to it. Our privacy policies control the data we have collected. Although they do not control the information about the data on site, applications or anything related to services which are out of our scope.

  • Collection and Use of Information:
  • Market Decipher’ services implicate the development of new services with help of extensive research and assessing their feasibility in the market. Thus, helping us to interact with the customers to help achieve their goals for specific target groups and gather information to compile authentic research data from interviews and examination of market trends. The research data tends to vary depending upon the market conditions. The research data collected by us is not accountable for the false evidence submitted by the users or retailers.

    The data collection by Market Decipher is comprehensive thus, not restricted to the basic personal information provided by the users. Therefore, while registering the data collected like email, contact details etc. are stored for a short time only for website interface development. The data and credentials entered by you on our website are stored under safe and secure arrangements at Market Decipher.

  • Cookie Policy
  • Term ‘Cookie ‘refers to a small sized file which is place on your laptop/computer’s hard drive. The file before being saved asks your permission and as you agree to it, the cookie provides the study of web traffic and provides notification when you visit a particular website.

    Market Decipher uses the cookies to analyse the web traffic and improve our website interface to make it more responsive for our customers. It also helps us to evaluate the user preferences. The cookie saved in your computer does not provide any access to your personal information and any other data stored in your computer apart from the one you choose to share. You can accept/ deny the access cookie information when a dialog box appears on visiting a website.

    The data collected by cookies provide us the preferences and help us to make customised changes to the website. The data acquired is used by only Market Decipher. Market Decipher also collects physical and online data about our client’s contact information (which you have entered while registering). This data is quite crucial for the interest of our clients and thus, distribute useful information about services and products which could be essential for business purposes.

  • Automated Collection of Information
  • Market Decipher is devoted to respecting the users’ rights and confidentiality. We at Market Decipher accept all the rules regulate by the government legislation and acknowledge our duties to be up-to-date with the regulations introduced by the recent GDPR.

  • Compliance to Privacy Laws.
  • Market Decipher could save some of your information automatically during the navigation of our website. The information collected comprises of the usage information, unique browser identifiers, IP addresses and the data collected by cookies and other tracking technology. The data collected through the tracking technologies could be used by us to improve our website.

    Market Decipher upholds physical, electronic and technical security measures regarding the data collection, storage and admission of any personal or confidential information.

  • GDPR Policy:
  • The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which recently was synchronised (From May 25th) objectives primarily to maintain security of the personal information and the data of the citizens of European Union.

    Market Decipher considers the similar tracks and is devoted to safeguard the personal data collected of the consumers and follows the procedural approach of the regulations posted by GDPR. Thus, by the recent regulations it is compulsory for all the organisations to modify their privacy policies to make them in line with the GDPR. Therefore, we have established a strong & intensive data protection database to ensure the protection of any kind of personal and sensitive information.

    Nonetheless, Market Decipher is aware of the requisite of expansion aspects of our protection policies to abide the regulations of GDPR.

    We have robustly invested to provide high data security and safety all over our organisation and therefore, we have arranged for a dedicated team for constant upgrading and execution of the data protection regulations.

  • Disclaimer:
  • Market Decipher as an organisation gives a lot of attention to the use of the information and provision of true and relevant data on the website. Although, we do not offer an warranty on the data and do not hold any accountability about the accuracy of the subjects on the website. We also do not be held accountable for any loss might occur to the consumers due to the content of the website in any circumstance

    The website occasionally offers a link to the third party website, and in such cases, Market Decipher does not take any responsibility of the data provided on that website. Although, the links might be very wide ranging but in any case it does not implement any endorsements of any kind.

  • Copyrights :
  • Any data and the content on the website are under Copyright – Market Decipher All rights reserved.

    The users are allowed to print or download data from the websites only for personal use and not for any kind of distribution. Similarly, the data and content is not permissible for any resale, lending, disclosure or reproduction and any of the above should be done by a prior authorisation by Market Decipher.

    Any kind of transfer and reproduction of the content of website by electronic or digital means or any other means are prohibited without prior authorisation.

  • Policy Changes: :
  • Market Decipher as an organisation is subjected to emanate updated policy statements intermittently by a post on the website which includes the revision of the policies. The users can refer to this page to verify any policy alterations.

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