Russia Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

Russia Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

A country where westernisation bombarded much before then its contemporaries, it is supposedly one of the most advanced and technology-induced countries. Russia fitness goals and market range much wider than just the idea of a healthy life and soulful mind. It goes beyond the notion of what fitness primarily means, in Russia, being Fitness driven is more of social status than personal growth. Having a gym membership in the country is said to be an elite thing and people leave no chance to boast about it amongst friends. This can be explained by the extravagant charges of gyms and facilities. However, there are both prestigious and moderate gyms available but people take the brand more seriously than the actual work. Anybody with the basic knowledge of equipment and exercises like deadlift, cardio, free weight, body stretching, butterfly exercise and others of the sort can easily get a good grasp on the moderate gyms but where is the fun in that if it does not cost a bomb? 

In Russia, Fitness and gyming is an integral and almost mandatory part for women. However, men are not subjected to an unquestionable urge to stay fit, women apparently are. They are supposed to look good, be in good shape, and not look a day older than they actually are. This notion is quite disturbing because even men are judged by the numbers in their salary which is wrong for both genders on multiple levels. In the country of a fairly distributed population of all age groups, the gym and fitness industry is most responded by the age group of 25 - 34 years old, secondary by 34 - 45 and the least by 55-63 years old which is explainable in itself. As technology surrounds the whole world, the invasion is equally visible in the arena of fitness and gym industry. Gym Wearables and apps are drawing the attention of the common folk and according to stats, The usage of apps which provide the digital measure of calories burnt or taken, reminders for supplements and work out routines have become the talk of the country and not just a town. However, brands like Fitbit and Apple are coming up with the newest of technology in their fitness bands but people still feel more drawn towards the ease of applications on their mobile phones. 

Russia has witnessed huge business tycoons investing and growing in this industry and some even leading-strings of premium gyms all over Russia and in its heart, Moscow. Premium memberships of gyms range around 1000$ and to believe that people invest this money to stay fit in their dormant lives is unbelievable but true. Certain gyms whose names are added in the most appreciated ones charge around $ 2500 - 3000 per year. These hubs come with additive facilities like swimming pool, games, cardio sessions etc. Residents of the country find it tough to go cycling or a jog in their idle time, courtesy of the humid weather of Major parts of Russia. 

A major trend in the country around Fitness is dance studios. Unlike other countries, in Russia, it is actually taken seriously and not just a time pass. People burn calories and tone their bodies while gaining a vocational skill. Outdoor sports are also considered as a huge groundbreaker in the fitness industry including kite surfing, curling and skiing. Talking of which, one can never ignore the brightest name associated with the fitness industry - " The world-class " brand is more than what its name hints. It is a collaborative funded company of RDIF, Russian sovereign wealth fund, Mubadala investment company and others. The gyms under the brand name are flowing like water in different countries which originated from Russia. The dynamics of this brand has broken the ceiling of limits which other gym brands imposed upon themselves. With this as an example, other brands shall soon resurface and drive market exposure towards it. 

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