Air Starters Market

Air Starters Market is segmented by Air Starter Type (Vane Air Starter  and Turbine Air Starter), and by Compressor Parameters (Air pressure and Air temperature), and by Power Force (100 PPM, 120 PPM, 180 PPM, 250 PPM, 400 PPM, and Others), and by Horse Power (15 - 30 HP, 32 - 40 HP, 40 - 50 HP, 50 - 60 HP, 70 - 100 HP, 100 -130 HP, and Others), and by Type (Expandable Alloy and Casting Alloy), and by Industry (Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Defense, Mining, Marine, Automotive, Others [Transportation & Power Generation]), and by Region (United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, China, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, South Korea, Middle East, Japan, Africa and Rest of World)

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Air Starters Market Size shall reach a value of $367.7 Million in 2027, growing with a CAGR of 9.9% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

Market Definition / Research Scope  

An air starter is an automated device used to create the fundamental power and torque to turn on an engine using the energy stored. An air starter is powered by compressed air, which can deliver a safe and reliable energy source while eradicating the likelihood of an electric spark. Additionally, air starters are manufactured to give engines a longer life.
The basic function of an air starter is providing the original rotation to start large gas and diesel turbine engines. An air starter is combined with a pair of gear contractions connected to the flywheel, which is specifically designed to start an engine.
Air starters provide excellent performance in difficult environments due to their strength. They are largely used in the salty marine industry, dusty mining industries, and in the challenging oil and gas industries. Moreover, air starters have outstanding power to weight ratio and are much compatible and simple with turbine engines.

Air Starters Market Growth and Trends 

Driving factors for the Industry :

• Air starter is a type of air motor that is used to create the essential torque and power that is require to start an engine with the stored energy, this air starters have high demand in various industries like mining, marine etc. because its provide good performance in harsh environment this in turn accelerate the growth and demand of the air starter market in the upcoming years. Furthermore, there also used extensively in industries like oil and gas aerospace, defense, automotive etc., which in turn is expected to accelerate the air starter market during the upcoming time period.
• Growing investment by market players to a variety of industries like oil and gas is responsible for enhancement of the demand and growth of the air starters market across the world during the next couple of years.
• The growing demand of air starters can be attributed to its benefits of simple design, robust construction, low maintenance and high compatibility which in turn is expected to boost the global air starter market over the next few years.
• Air starters have higher power to weight ratio and require less maintenance as compared to other electric starters, this is another key factor which is responsible for the growing demand of the air starters and thereby helps in accelerating the air starters market growth in the upcoming few years.
• Demand for air starters will also increase in the marine and power generation industries as well as aircraft industries and ship, heavy machinery to due to their high reliability and durability which in turn is expected to augment the air starters market worldwide.

Challenges for the Industry :

• Presence of newer technologies and better substitutes product like electric starters and variable frequency drivers are two challenging factors restricting the air starters market growth and degrade the demand for the ordinary air starters.
• High price rate of the air starter in comparison with the better substitute products acts as another limiting factor hindering the growth of the air starters market worldwide.

Air Starters Market Regional Analysis

North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) dominated the market in 2015. They will have a very high CAGR by 2023, attributed to the growth of Air Starters such as hydraulic starters and the oil industry. Asia Pacific industries like India, Japan, China, Switzerland, and Australia are growing rapidly because of the increasing demands from the various industries like gas, mining, aviation and the growth of the working population’s disposable incomes. The countries of Africa and some countries of the Middle East witnessed a sluggish growth because of the presence of substitute objects like electric starters and because of the higher costs.

Air Starters Market Share and Competition

Key companies operating in this industry are: Gali Internacional SA, Ingersoll Rand Inc., Power Force Technologies Pte Ltd, Maradyne Corporation, I, Fokker, Energotech AG., domnick hunter-RL Co., Ltd., KH Equipment Pty Ltd., Tech Development Inc. (TDI), Hilliard Corporation, U, Universal Starter, Inc., and Austart. Similar industries in this domain that is growing at a high CAGR include Air Blowers Market and Hot Air Generators Market.

Air Starters Market Research Report Analysis Highlights

  • Historical data available (as per request)
  • Estimation/projections/forecast for revenue and unit sales (2020 – 2027)
  • Data breakdown for every market segment (2020 – 2027)
  • Gross margin and profitability analysis of companies
  • Price analysis of each product type
  • Business trend and expansion analysis
  • Import and export analysis
  • Competition analysis/market share
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Client list and case studies
  • Market entry strategy

Industry Segmentation and Revenue Breakdown

Air Starter Type Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)

  • Vane Air Starter
  • Turbine Air Starter

Compressor Parameters Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)

  • Air pressure
  • Air temperature

Power Force Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)

  • 100 PPM
  • 120 PPM
  • 180 PPM
  • 250 PPM
  • 400 PPM
  • Others

Horse Power Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)

  • 15 - 30 HP
  • 32 - 40 HP
  • 40 - 50 HP
  • 50 - 60 HP
  • 70 - 100 HP
  • 100 -130 HP
  • Others

Type Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)

  • Expandable Alloy
  • Casting Alloy

Industry Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)

  • Oil & Gas
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Others (Transportation & Power Generation)

Region Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • South Korea
  • Middle East
  • Japan
  • Africa
  • Rest of World

 Air Starters Market Companies

  • Gali Internacional SA
  • Ingersoll Rand Inc.
  • Power Force Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Maradyne Corporation, I
  • Fokker
  • Energotech AG.
  • domnick hunter-RL Co., Ltd.
  • KH Equipment Pty Ltd.
  • Tech Development Inc. (TDI)
  • Hilliard Corporation, U
  • Universal Starter, Inc.
  • Austart

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United States Air Starters Market Research Report

Europe Air Starters Market Research Report

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