Bicycle Tube and Tire Market

Bicycle Tube and Tire application (mountain, road, sports, carrier), By Size (Up to 12 Inch, 12 Inch - 22 Inch, Above 22 Inch), By width of tire (18mm - 32mm, 32mm - 52mm, Above 52mm),  Companies (Vitoria, Continental AG, Apollo Vredestein, Maxxis, Challenge Tires, Hutchinson SA, Freedom Bicycle, Michelin, Kenda TirSchwalbe, Suomi Tyres, Panaracer Corporation, Fyxation Bicycle Co., Cheng Shin Rubber, Bridgestone, Trek Bicycle Corporation), by Region (North America, United States, Canada, Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Europe, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia, Asia-Pacific, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Africa, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, North Africa, South Africa)

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The global bicycle tire and tube market was valued at around US$ 5 Billion in 2017and is expected to reach US$ 8.6 Billion at the end of 2026. The market is currently growing with a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecasting period of 2018-2026.

bicycle tube and tire market
A bicycle tube and tire are a necessity of the bicycle industry. The tire covers a rim and both of these have a tube inside. The air is filled in the tube and the tire runs the bicycle. 
Analysis by Application
The bike is used basically for road traveling purpose which means it must have a specific tire and tube quality to support such use. The other uses are mountain bikes which must have a tough and strong tire. The third one is a sports bicycle and last is the carrier. The market is covered by 34% of the road bicycles, 29% by the sports bicycle, 25% by the mountain and only 12% by the carrier bikes. The carrier bicycles are only in use in developing countries. The tire is then made according to the type of the use of the bicycle and the size and type of rim.

Analysis by Growth and Trends

Tyres that are used in bicycles are designed for their application with inner tubes creating demand in the instant market. Being made of impermeable materials like elastic, synthetic, soft rubber to avoid air leakage they may be reused for other applications such as swimming and rafting. The inner tube industry across the globe depends on raw materials such as rubber suppliers as well as the buyers which primarily comprise automotive manufacturers, and the tube and tyre industry happen to be the largest application segment in the overall rubber industry, thus implying high demand and significant market growth. Large scale manufacturing of bicycle tyres and tubes which are environment-friendly, more economical, safer, and less noisy ensures sustained market growth for the same. The tyre and tube market for bicycles will certainly witness further growth in the coming year with the increase in the number of consumers of bicycles for purposes of adventure sports as well as physical fitness across the globe. These tyres and tubes are made in such a way that even if there is a puncture there would not be a flattening of the tyre instantly, which means to say that the rider can travel for some distance to a convenient location and get it repaired, because there are tubeless tyres as well. This is another factor effective in driving the market growth for bicycle tyres and tubes.

As end users are interested in buying replaced tyres of the same product that is originally sold in the case of bicycles, manufacturers of tyres and inner tubes have to decrease the prices and have to make the bicycle manufacturers select their product, which leads to increased negotiating power of buyers. This could limit the market growth to an extent. However, the demand far outweighs the limitations to the market growth.

Analysis by Region
The regional analysis of the tube and tire industry can be done on two bases, the first one is based on production and the second is based on usage. The bicycle tube and tires are produced all over the world but the APAC region holds 43% of the market share. The major contributors include China and India. Europe is second on the list followed by North America. Based on usage, the Netherlands and Denmark are at the top of the world where more than half of the population has bicycles.
Analysis by Company
Bridgestone is the largest manufacturer in the world. The major market share is held by the top three manufacturers including Bridgestone, Trek and Continental AG.
Analysis by Type
The tire comes in three widths and three sizes. The use of the tire type is based on size. The mountain bikes have tires more than 22 inches of size. Road bikes have a low width and size accordingly. The sports bicycles have 12-22 inches size of tire and suitable tubes. 
•    Market Revenue Estimation and Forecast (2018 – 2026)
•    Market Sales/Consumption Volume Estimation and Forecast (2018 – 2026)
•    Breakdown of Revenue by Segments (2018 – 2026)
•    Breakdown of Production by Segments (2018 – 2026)
•    Breakdown of Sales Volume by Segments (2018 – 2026)
•    Business Trend and Expansion Analysis
•    Regional Analysis and Market Data Breakdown
By Width of Tire
•    18mm - 32mm
•    32mm - 52mm
•    Above 52mm
By Size
•    Up to 12 Inch
•    12 Inch - 22 Inch
•    Above 22 Inch
By Companies
•    Vittoria
•    Continental AG
•    Apollo Vredestein
•    Maxxis
•    Challenge Tires
•    Hutchinson SA
•    Freedom Bicycle
•    Michelin
•    Kenda Tires
•    Schwalbe
•    Suomi Tyres
•    Panaracer Corporation
•    Fyxation Bicycle Co.
•    Cheng Shin Rubber
•    Bridgestone
•    Trek Bicycle Corporation
By Application
•    Mountain
•    Sports
•    Road
•    Carrier
By Region
•    North America
•    United States
•    Canada
•    Latin America
•    Brazil
•    Mexico
•    Argentina
•    Europe
•    The U.K.
•    Germany
•    France
•    Italy
•    Spain
•    Hungary
•    Belgium
•    Netherlands
•    Luxembourg
•    Norway
•    Denmark
•    Sweden
•    Finland
•    Poland
•    Russia
•    Asia-Pacific
•    China
•    India
•    Japan
•    South Korea
•    Malaysia
•    Indonesia
•    Taiwan
•    Hong Kong
•    Australia
•    New Zealand
•    The Middle East and Africa
•    Israel
•    Saudi Arabia
•    UAE
•    Bahrain
•    Kuwait
•    Qatar
•    Oman
•    North Africa
•    South Africa


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