Biogas Market

Biogas Market Substrate (Organic Waste, Sewage Sludge, Energy Crops, Others), By Size (<500 kW, 500 kW - 3 MW, >3 MW), By Technology (With Pre-hydrolysis, Without Pre-hydrolysis), By Process (Landfill, Sewage Sludge, Anaerobic Digestion {Wet AD, Dry AD}, Pyrolysis & Gasification), By Application (Residential, Commercial, Industrial) Industry Analysis Report, Region Outlook (U.S., Canada, Austria, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina)

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 Biogas is formed as a result of the decay of biodegradable matter in the absence of Oxygen. Chemically, it comprises of Methane and traces of Carbon Dioxide. Since it is produced from the decomposition of organic matter, it is a renewable fuel. It is used as an alternative to LPG for cooking purposes.

biogas market
Biogas Market Revenue revenue is estimated to be $XX Billion in 2022 and shall grow with a CAGR of XX.X% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2031.

Analysis by Substrate
Energy crops-based Biogas plants are the most prevalent and will continue to have a large market share. This type has low capital requirements and the rate of production of Biogas is one of the fastest among other substrate-types. This will help it grow in demand and application in the forecasted timeline.

The emerging substrate is Organic waste. Governments around the globe are realizing the need to integrate organic waste into the production of combustible fuel. Strong customer focus on utilizing eco-friendly fuels will further increment it’s sales figures.

Analysis by Size
Decentralized power production and its use in the local vicinity is rapidly on the rise. The stakeholders are realizing the enormous transmission losses when the power producer and the consumer are far apart. Hence, Biogas plants rated at less than 500 KW are being enquired for at an extraordinary pace. The demand for this size is likely to surge very well in the future. 

Analysis by Technology
Pre-hydrolysis technology is at the forefront of its economic growth. It is set to be growing at just under double-digit growth rates for the forecasted timeline. It is gaining immense popularity due to its low Capital cost, provisions for energy recovery, and reduced production of effluent. 

Analysis by Process
Anaerobic digestion is the choice of many in rural setups. This is because of its fairly simple working and maintenance, better soil health, localized energy production, and a stable source of income. It perfectly fits the rural scenario and will grow tremendously with the right government vision.
Analysis by Application
The industrial sector is preparing itself for a large-scale reform to cut down on Green House Gas emissions. Biogas is being promoted by the governments and they are also finding acceptance by industrialists. It is one of the best ways for industrial businesses to meet the revised GHG emission norms.
Analysis by Region 
The North American and European markets are in advanced stages of incorporating Biogas plant establishments. The large environmental benefits coupled with the ease of operations will drive this industry to new heights.
Analysis by Market
Scandinavian Biogas, Envitech Biogas, and BDI are the major players in this market. A large portion of the companies involved are investing heavily in R&D in Biogas manufacturing plants as well as upskilling their workforce with relevant technical courses. This is being done to be able to cater to the rising demand of these systems in a lot of geographies.

This is a highly specialized field of Chemical and Biotechnology engineers.

●   Market Revenue Estimation and Forecast (2022 – 2031)
●   Market Production Estimation and Forecast (2022 – 2031)
●   Market Sales/Consumption Volume Estimation and Forecast (2022 – 2031)
●   Breakdown of Revenue by Segments (2022 – 2031)
●   Breakdown of Production by Segments (2022 – 2031)
●   Breakdown of Sales Volume by Segments (2022 – 2031)
●   Gross Margin and Profitability Analysis of Companies
●   Business Trend and Expansion Analysis
●   Import and Export Analysis
●   Regional Analysis and Market Data Breakdown


By Substrate Outlook ($Revenue and Unit Sales, 2022-2031)
    •    Organic Waste
    •    Sewage Sludge
    •    Energy Crops
    •    Others

By Size Outlook ($Revenue and Unit Sales, 2022-2031)
    •    < 500 kW
    •    500 kW – 3 MW
    •    > 3 MW

By Technology Outlook ($Revenue and Unit Sales, 2022-2031)
    •    With Pre-hydrolysis
    •    Without Pre-hydrolysis

By Process Outlook ($Revenue and Unit Sales, 2022-2031)
    •    Landfill
    •    Sewage Sludge
    •    Anaerobic Digestion
    •    Wet AD
    •    Dry AD
    •    Pyrolysis & Gasification

By Application Outlook ($Revenue and Unit Sales, 2022-2031)
    •    Residential
    •    Commercial
    •    Industrial

By Regional Outlook ($Revenue and Unit Sales, 2022-2031)
    •    U.S.
    •    Canada
    •    Austria
    •    UK
    •    Germany
    •    France
    •    Italy
    •    Czech Republic
    •    Sweden
    •    Finland
    •    Spain
    •    Denmark
    •    Netherlands
    •    Poland
    •    Ireland
    •    Belgium
    •    China
    •    India
    •    Japan
    •    South Korea
    •    Australia
    •    Malaysia
    •    Thailand
    •    Philippines
    •    UAE
    •    Saudi Arabia
    •    South Africa
    •    Kenya
    •    Brazil
    •    Mexico
    •    Argentina 

Market Players
    •    EnviTec Biogas AG
    •    Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International
    •    Viessmann Group
    •    Agrinz Technologies GmbH
    •    BTS-biogas
    •    Agraferm Technologies AG
    •    BDI - Bioenergy International GmbH
    •    Gasum Oy
    •    PlanET Biogas Global GmbH
    •    Xergi A/S
    •    AB Holding SpA
    •    ENGIE S.A.
    •    IES Biogas
    •    CH4 Biogas
    •    Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH
    •    Zorg Biogas AG
    •    BIO-EN Power Inc.
    •    ÖKOBIT GmbH, Agrivert Ltd.

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