Computerized Maintenance Management System Market

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Computerized Maintenance Management System Market shall reach a value of $2x61.4 Million in 2027, growing with a CAGR of 12.13% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

A computerized maintenance management system is computer software developed to simplify maintenance management the assets of an organisation during their life cycle life. Maintenance includes customer service requests, operational performance, tracking work orders, scheduling tasks, dealing with external work requests, recording asset history, managing inventory, audit, certification and warehouse inventory all at one place. It subsequently accelerates work order completion rate, extends the service life of assets, increases worker productivity, eliminates paperwork, reduces overtime, improves accountability and equipment maintenance. All these varieties of uses and benefits are expected to lead to the flourishing growth of the CMMS market for the upcoming years.

Cloud-based computerized maintenance management systems are the flag bearers of the product market because cloud-based solutions provide real-time visibility and enhance work order management. Additionally, an increase in demand for reducing accidental equipment downtime and costly expenses from unexpected hardware failure drives the demand for computerized maintenance management solutions. Furthermore, the need to maximize productivity, develop effective replacement cycle, improve inventory management, support multi-language capabilities, predictive maintenance organizations and Presence of established vendors in developed countries are key drivers of the growth of the product market for years to come. Small and medium enterprises and large enterprises also use CMMS for production maintenance, facility maintenance, fleet maintenance, and linear asset maintenance. Increasing demand for maintenance reports such as summary data, outlines and charts to analyze the maintenance operations, as organizations are required to meet government regulations is expected to fuel further demand.

On the other hand, grave threat to the security of identity, privacy all put together may amount to a threat to national security with the growing use of computerized maintenance management system. Further, with the onset of COVID-19, disruption in the availability of skilled workers, logistics and distribution are going to negatively impact the demand-supply gap to a great extent. However, key players operating in the market are investing heavily in research and development activities to bring forth newer advancements in the development of network access control software.

Growth Analysis

Data maintenance is of foremost concern to any organization indicates mandatory utilization of computerized maintenance management solutions for data and asset management. A computerized maintenance management solution is a computer software developed to simplify maintenance management of any organization. Increasing demand for advanced and predictive maintenance of operations by organizations operating across the globe is the primary factor fostering growth of the computerized maintenance management system market. An increase in the adoption of cloud or web-based technologies due to their time-effectiveness is an added driving factor generating demand for computerized maintenance management systems. This is mainly because cloud-based solutions are featured by real-time visibility and therefore boost work order management. Further, increase in demand for reduction of equipment downtime and maintenance costs is expected to accentuate the demand for computerized maintenance management solutions. The essential requirement to maximize productivity and consequently enhance inventory management is anticipated to accelerate the demand for computerized maintenance management solutions globally. Their ability to support multilingual capabilities and provide better accountability make them a product with high market growth. Factors such as time-saving services, efficient accomplishment of maintenance practices, and low cost are effectively driving the instant market of computerized maintenance management systems. Also, facilities provided by computerized maintenance management systems like tracking work orders, scheduling tasks, managing inventory and audit, external work requests, and certification are boosting the market. The features of computerized maintenance management systems in being able to generate and maintain electronic database of operations and accelerate work order completion rate, enhance worker productivity, extend the service life of assets, eliminate paperwork, reduce overtime, and improve accountability and equipment reliability add to their functionality.

Possible posing as temporary challenges to the growth of the computerized maintenance management system market could be the dearth of trained professionals and poor capability for upgrade.


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