Disinfecting Wipes Market Size, Statistics, Trend Analysis and Forecast Report, 2020 - 2027

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Disinfecting Wipes Market size was estimated at $0.9 Million in 2019 and is expected to reach $1.4 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

disinfecting wipes market

Disinfecting wipes have been used over the years to get rid of germs and reduce the chances of transmission. These products are used widely in a wide range of areas including baby care, personal care or household uses. The most active ingredient used in such wipes is alcohol. There are various collective compounds used in the wipes that help to kill bacteria, fungi and some viruses. The ingredients are proportionately mixed with water so that using the wipes does not lead to any skin hazard. Alcohol and other compounds such as Formaldehyde, Phenol etc. make sure that the bacteria lose their ability to create protein and replicate themselves.
Growth Factors and Trends

Corona affected instances are growing exponentially throughout the globe due to which hospitals are flooded with patients. This has led to  danger of infections inside clinic facilities. This necessitates disinfection of surrounding and gear in the hospital. COVID 19  pandemic has adversely impacted the international disinfecting wipes market as demand used to be located to extend in Jan and Feb in contrast to demand in 2019. Growing microbial resistance is riding a main shift in the market toward the adoption of disinfecting wipes. The cognizance to preserve perfect hygiene services is a main component using the boom of the disinfectant wipes market . The outbreak of contagious ailments such as COVID-19 is additionally probably to impact the demand for sanitization merchandise in the market. Opportunities exist in rising economies such as India, the place fitness care expenditure has improved and the demand for nice fitness Care is developing day via day.The utilization of moist wipes gives numerous blessings over sprays and solutions, thereby boosting the disinfectant wipes market share. Advantages presented via wipes such as low water utilization as in contrast to beverages will power their adoption amongst end users.

Disinfecting Wipes Market Growth and Trends

The extensive use of disinfecting wipes for household applications is a major contributing factor to the increase in its market growth as it reduces the consumption of water and saves considerable amount of time. The disinfecting wipes are hygienic, convenient, easy to use and cost less which are some of the features that drive the market growth. Most importantly, advancements in the medical sector and replacement of traditional cloth with wipes for better protection is a key factor contributing to the increase in its market demand.
The demand for disinfecting wipes has significantly increased since the outbreak of the current pandemic Covid-19 to avoid the fast spread of the virus in hospitals in order to disinfect the virus and it is predicted that this demand will increase in huge numbers in the coming years. Also, there has been an increase in contagious and chronic diseases owing to the increasing population that has resulted in the increasing market demand for disinfecting wipes. The increase in the awareness of safety at home and in commercial spaces has accelerated the increasing market growth. Economic development globally has resulted in the extensive usage of disinfecting wipes in both industrial and commercial markets thus increasing its market demand. Surge in the consumer spending has necessitated, more task specific-wipes which has resulted in the increase in disinfecting wipes market growth and revenue.

The exponential increase in coronavirus across the globe, as a result of which hospitals are infested with coronavirus-afflicted patients, has led to an impending risk of spread of the virus within hospital premises as the virus has the potential to be transmitted via a contaminated metal surface—factors that necessitate the disinfection of hospital surroundings and equipment, thus creating a demand for disinfectant wipes as a product-based precautionary measure. Further, the market for disinfectant wipes becomes all the more dynamic as governments have introduced stringent guidelines pertaining to the method and schedule of disinfecting hospitals. As a result, there is an exponential demand for disinfecting wipes for hospital equipment as these are quick and convenient cleaning options. Increasing awareness about the importance of maintaining hygiene at home, commercial spaces, and hospitals further propels demand for disinfectant wipes. Moreover, advancing the quality of disinfectant wipe solutions and medical infrastructure will boost lucrative opportunities for the market in coming years. Rise in the frequency of usage of disposable disinfectant wipes has further accentuated demand for the same. The disinfectant wipes market is likely to witness significant expansion in its growth in developing as well as developed countries, owing to the consumer satisfaction they offer in terms of hygienic, all-in-one, and timesaving solution to cleanse germs. Personal care being another major segment of the disinfectant wipes market fosters demand for disinfectant wipes. Consumer demand and preference for disinfectant wipes is expected to increase, also because they are convenient to use and easy to carry.

Disinfecting chemicals usually contain a class of substances called ‘quats’ or quaternary ammonium compounds that may have acute side effects of irritation in the eyes and skin, can affect the lungs, and they could also lead to asthma, which is a cause of major restraint of the disinfectant wipes market.

The major limitation hindering the disinfecting wipes market growth is the side effects caused by the wipes that lead to eye and skin infection. The wipes contain chemicals that can cause irritation to the lungs, skin and are also linked to asthma thus majorly restraining the market growth.

The following elements are possibly to make contributions to the increase of the disinfectant wipes market :

Advancements in Technology and Innovative Solutions
Increasing Healthcare-associated Infections
Upsurge in E-commerce Platforms

With the upward thrust in infectious and contagious diseases, the utility of disinfectant wipes and options in quite a few healthcare facilities and hospitals is gaining traction. These options are effortless to observe and are distinctly beneficial to forestall infections and disorder spread.The demand of disinfecting wipes in 2020 will amplify beneath COVID 19 robust affects and the market is anticipated to grow below sturdy disaster manage and enhance income of disinfecting wipes.


Be it the developing or the developed countries, the growth of the disinfecting wipes market is on the brighter side as it solves the issue of consumer hygiene. The timesaving nature of the wipes along with its ability to kill germs makes it a much-used product by households as well as commercial users. Again, the outbreak of COVID-19 has only led to a further boost of such disinfectant products. Be it the hospitals or beauty salons; as per government directives, one should ensure proper disinfection before proceeding with new patients, customers or clients. So, while before the outbreak of the pandemic people would use these wipes sparingly, now they use it exceedingly because safety from the virus comes first. Within one year from now, i.e., in 2021, the demand for disinfecting wipes will increase at least to 1.5 times. Directives from WHO and other health organisations only will boost the trends for this product in the days to come!




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