Gardening Equipment Market Size, Statistics, Trend Analysis and Forecast Report, 2020 - 2027

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Gardening Equipment Market size was estimated at $31,758.3 Million in 2019 and is expected to reach $49,351.2 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

gardening equipment marketIntroduction

Gardening equipments are the set of tools designed for the maintenance of vast areas of land with minimal human efforts. Gardening tools are mainly used for trimming the grass for height maintenance and digging the soil. The gardening tool primarily consists of hand tools and power tools. Over the years the power tools are preferred over hand tools as it requires less physical efforts. Gardening equipments are extensively used in the residential and commercial construction industry for the maintenance of backyards, house gardens, lawns, public parks, golf courses, sports fields and land fields. There is extensive application of gardening tools in the agriculture and horticulture industry as well.

Gardening Equipment Market Growth and Trends

The gardening equipment market is growing at a steady pace most importantly because of technological advancements and automation. The significantly increasing demand for automated gardening tools and devices is a key factor contributing to the gardening equipment market growth. The need for automated tools in removing the weeds in especially in commercial spaces like public parks, sports fields and golf courses and also there is also an increase in the demand for water sprinklers in these places which has accelerated the gardening equipment market growth.
The rapidly increasing population has exhibited the increase in the demand in the construction activity. There has been a surge in the construction of both residential buildings as well as commercial spaces that is another factor contributing to the increase in the gardening equipment market growth. Also, there is an increase in the number of individuals opting for gardening as a hobby which has boosted the gardening equipment market demand. Also, the production of light weight tools and the development of gardening apps is also an important factor contributing to the market trend. Gardening equipment is highly convenient, time saving and low in cost due to which it is in high demand thus contributing to its market growth and revenue. The increase in the adoption of horticulture as an activity has also boosted the gardening equipment market growth and revenue.
A few limitations to this market trend are the hassles of cleaning the dirt and junk on a daily basis, seasonal variations and the use of artificial plants instead of the natural ones.

Factors affecting the market growth

In this era of modernization, there has been a paradigm shift in the standard of living that has boosted the gardening equipment market in both commercial as well as residential sectors. The attraction of buyers towards the decorative and scenic outlook has increased the demands for gardening equipments in the construction industry involved in the building of residential complexes. Lifestyle modification such as adoption of gardening as an outdoor recreational activity by young as well as older generation especially in the existing pandemic has increased demand for lightweight and easy to use gardening hand tools in the residential sector. The increased awareness of principles of ergonomics focusing on doing the job efficiently in an easier manner without much physical effort has also boosted the market in terms of its application as it has increased the demands of automated gardening tools like automated water splinters, robotic land movers, GPS enabled gardening tools, etc… However, despite these applications, seasonal variations and natural calamities tend to hamper the growth of the gardening equipment market. The high-cost of equipments is also one of the factors responsible for downfall of the market. The cumbersome process involved in the daily maintenance of lawns has reduced the demand for gardening tools as the preference is shifting in the direction of artificial plants.

Advancement in technology with the purpose of saving cost, time, and energy, anticipates opening of new avenues for gardening equipment market growth. These tools are mainly used for trimming, cutting, aligning, and maintaining the health of gardens, as a result of which they are most likely to generate high demand from sport fields, golf courses, and public parks over a period of time. The gardening products market being highly attractive, both for professional gardeners as well as those who pursue gardening as a hobby, can be considered as a mature market ensuring sustained growth. The widespread use of robotic lawnmowers and GPS-enabled tools for the purpose of lawn and garden maintenance creates a high demand for such equipment anticipated to remain the largest and fastest-growing segment among other gardening equipment. The hand tools category being further segmented as weeder, hoe, and shears and snips have their demand generated by individuals who mostly indulge in gardening as a recreation, as a part of the basic tool kit. This again triggers demand and repeated purchase is a major factor influencing growth of the hand tools segment. The increasing demand for automated water sprinklers is also accelerating the expansion of the gardening equipment market. In addition, the increase in landscaping services has gone up substantially in recent times which further ensures sustained growth of the gardening equipment market.

Costs incurred in the purchase of gardening equipment and the added hassle of removing debris after using them on a daily basis has led many commercial end users to avoid their use, as they find it simpler to maintain artificial plants—a constraint that caps the revenues earned from the gardening equipment market. The difficulty of day-to-day landscaping maintenance adversely impacts the demand for gardening equipment in the commercial sector. However, these are short-term limitations.

Market Segmentation

Among all its applications in various industries, the residential sector contributes to the majority of share in the market owing to the modern house demands. Due to the increasing trend of lawn maintenance, lawn movers hold the maximum sales among all gardening products.


Based on regional analysis, currently, North America accounts for maximum sales of gardening products in the global market. However, the gardening equipment industry is growing very rapidly in the Asia-pacific region.
Current demand & Future potential

In the current market scenario, there exists an immense potential of the growth in the gardening equipment industry due to its surging demands in sport fields and residential complexes due to changing lifestyles. In future the market is expected to rise more rapidly in developing countries like India, China, etc.. Due to the user-friendly interface of mobile gardening apps, automated gardening tools are expected to gain further improved sales in the coming years. The ornamental and graceful ambiance that gardening gives to any place is going to attract the attention of a much larger population and as an impact, there will be inflated demand of the gardening tools in the near future.




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