N95 Mask Market Size Report, 2020 - 2027

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N95 Mask Market size shall reach a value of $883.6 Million in 2020 to $2023.3 Million in 2027, growing with a CAGR of 11.5% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.


n95 mask market

An overview:
The world has known a rising demand for the items of personal protection namely face masks and gloves, especially after the recent global outbreaks of epidemics like H1N1, Ebola and the most recent of all, the Corona virus. The N95 masks are not exempt from the growing demand and have been ever since the apparition of the pandemic constantly out of stock and in complete shortage in the market. 
N95 medical masks are a respiratory protection device aimed at protecting the face from being contaminated by the airborne particles of pathogens and infectious micro-organisms. They are designed to achieve a very precise and proper facial fit as to hold on adequately to the nose and mouth area with adjustable straps.  The N95 masks are characterized by a high ability in blocking up to 95% of even the smallest particles (a diameter of 0.4 to 0.3 micron). They are manufactured with a very high caution and preciseness, so they undergo a long process before their approbation as valid N95 masks namely a meticulous particle testing, as to ensure their biocompatibility with the pre-established guidelines as well as their practical performance when in contact with solid and liquid particles. Generally, N95 masks are channeled for a medical use; however since the recent viral outbreaks their use has been widely spread and advised all over the world. They availed tremendously in keeping the contagion under control in many cases. 
The key factors supporting the growth of the N95 mask market:
The unique properties of the N95 masks are what made them stand out the most in the market of protective masks. Their very composition allows them to go up to 95% of particle blockage, more than any other mask available on the market. Moreover, their certification process (the obligatory passage through a controlling audit) and the high care with which they are manufactured make them the most eligible to be trusted with the safety of the world population as a whole. The morphology of a N95 mask is also an advantage on its own, it is a tight fitting mask that adapts to the particularities of each face with its adjustable straps and offers a maximal protection along with an exceptional breathability and comfort, unlike most of the other masks that do not obey to these guidelines and requirements and are often constructed with a loose-fit around the face.
The advantageous properties of the N95 masks cannot generate a growth in the market; they have to be paired up to a demand, which is exactly what the world is undergoing these past few weeks: an extreme demand for the N95 masks. This demand traces back to the recent outbreak of the Corona virus that originated in Wuhan and attained the rest of the world soon after, leading to a global pandemic. The preventive approaches against this virus and the mass anxiety that the world has witnessed because of this outbreak has generated an unprecedented demand on the N95 masks making their market value skyrocket and their supply way inferior to counterattack the shortage.
Another less common usage for these N95 masks is to protect oneself against the repercussions of the air pollution than can cause many respiratory complications and trigger many diseases and allergies due to the high concentration of toxic chemicals and harmful particles in the poor-quality air of our cities. On the bottom line, the world has grown more aware of the importance of the N95 masks, consequentially this industry is anticipated to grow like never before in the light of this viral health crisis. However, the world has more than just one factor to opt rapidly for the usage of these masks.
The study of the market:
The market size:
Since the earliest viral outbreaks, the production of the N95 masks has been solicited, as it rounded up USD 770 million in the year 2017, this production is expected to grow substantially to reach a revenue of USD 1050 million by the end of the year 2023, generating in result a CAGR of 5.4%. In light of the Corona virus outbreak, the market size has taken an unpredictable turn with a surge in the amount of demands worldwide. The latest pandemic updates state that by April 2020, the number of cases has largely exceeded the margin of 1M patients and more than 70 000 death cases. This alarming situation caused a massive demand on the N95 masks both from the medical staff and workers, and the common people. Most European countries are suffering from an early shortage and an insufficiency in terms of these masks, as well as the US and so many other countries around the world. This excessive demand is making the market in imbalance between the demand and supply and makes the standard prices of these masks fluctuate unreasonably.
The market share:
The certified manufacturers of the N95 masks are very limited and are known to monopolize the market of protective masks. Up to a few years back, these players were capable of responding perfectly to the demand in the global market and controlled the dynamics and trends of this industry. Among these key players are names like 3M (Makrite-Moldex-Metric), The Gerson Company, Nukepills Inc, Honeywell International and Prestige Ameritech. With the rising need in terms of these masks, many key players have put hand in hand to come up with innovative ideas and more productive approaches in responding to the worldwide shortage, in forms of various collaborations and partnerships, especially between the number one lead player in the world 3M and other brands (the BrandLab) to optimize the usage of these masks, as well as the production process, all whilst sticking to the established regulations and guidelines as preventive measures against the threat of contamination.
The market segmentation:
The market of N95 masks is segmented to various subtypes, each one focusing on a single aspect. The sum of these segments allows a thorough study and analysis of the entirety of the market and makes it easily apprehended. The first segmentation studies the product types, whereas the second is focused on the application, the third on the distribution channel, the fourth on the end-users and the last on the geographical distribution.
i.    Segmentation based on the product type:
It is distinguishable between two types of commercialized N95 masks namely:
•    Mask with valve.
•    Mask without valve.
The N95 masks segment with the exhalation valve retains the largest share of the market and has generated revenue of USD 567 million in the year 2019, this domination is justified by the fact that these masks are more convenient and offer more comfort and breathability than the ones without an exhalation valve. The healthcare institutions and workers recommend the usage of the first segment and affirm that they expect it to retain the lead position in the market in the years to come to how well it filters the air and reduces the risk of inhaling the same exhaled air. 
ii.    Segmentation based on the product usage and application:
The applications for which the N95 masks are used are limited in:
•    Protection against respiratory contaminations. 
•    Protection against polluted air.
•    Other uses.
Naturally, the segment that takes the lead and the largest share in terms of usage is the protection against respiratory contaminations, as the very concept of the manufacturing of the N95 masks is targeted towards medical use. The most urgent need in the current situation is to protect oneself from the air-borne particles that are harmful to our respiratory system. However, it is expected that the protection against polluted air segment rises in market value as well due to the high awareness that most people have developed concerning the dangers of poor-quality air. 
iii.    Segmentation based on the distribution channels:
The commercialization of the N95 masks is made effectively through various channels:
•    Hospitals and various other healthcare institutions.
•    Pharmacies.
•    Specialized drug stores. 
•    Online stores.
Currently, the pharmacies segment is retaining the largest share of the market, as it is the conventional and trustworthy distribution channel that customers head to when in need of protective masks. In the light of the current pandemic situation, the N95 masks found their way into most drug stores and even some convenience stores as well as a selection of modern retailers such as supermarkets and hypermarkets to widen and optimize the customers’ reach. However, the online retailing has known a surge in terms of revenue by generating a CAGR of 11.25% in the year 2019 because of the easy mode of purchase, the accessibility, the wide range of choices as well the doorstep delivery. 
iv.    Segmentation based on end-users:
The end-users of this chain of production of N95 masks are:
•    Hospitals and various other healthcare institutions. 
•    Industries.
•    Individuals.
The leading segment in this repartition is the hospitals and healthcare facilities, this segment will continue to grow drastically in the upcoming years to offer a full and optimized protection for health workers and staff against air-borne particles and risks of contamination. However, the segment of individuals will also know an unprecedented surge due to the newly established cautionary measures in terms of the prevention against harmful and contagious micro-organisms.
v.    Segmentation based on the geographical distribution:
Geographically, North America retains the most major market share that goes up to 36.23% in the year 2019, this is due mainly to the US being the first manufacturer of N95 masks in the world, along with the fact that the most prominent key players in the market of these masks are based in the US territory and channel their production mainly for an internal use. On the other hand, Europe and the APAC region are also strong manufacturers of N95 masks and retain each an important market share and high potential CAGRs, especially Europe with rate of 11.56% after the outbreak of the epidemic in various parts of the European Union. In the APAC region, China is the most prominent manufacturer, after the virus spread in the Chinese territory; the government has inverted all the locally made N95 towards an internal usage and prohibited any sorts of external exportation. 
Due to the current situation, the world market is suffering from an extreme shortage in N95 masks, as each country is trying urgently to manufacture local products as well as look for any external importation opportunity to cater for the needs of its patients and to prevent an even more disastrous outbreak.
The market forecast:
The usage of N95 masks is the only prevailing cautionary measure proven to actually minimize the possibility of contamination led to air-borne particles and micro-organisms. To the point that many countries have established the usage of these masks as an obligation that could be sanctioned by the law in case of any violation. The other countries that are facing an acute shortage in these masks are looking for substitutes or inverting different industries to manufacture them such as Volkswagen in Germany. Aside from the current urgent situation, the N95 masks market is expected to grow more significantly in the upcoming years for preventive reasons, against the dangers of polluted and contaminated air, as well as the ever-growing number of the world population (and the geriatric segment mainly) and the rapid and intense urbanization. All of these reasons paired up with the rising awareness of the importance of protecting oneself and the others will make the market of N95 masks thrive even more in terms of revenue and profitability. 
On the bottom line, after those recent viral outbreaks, the world will learn the lesson of investing more in preventive methods and will mobilize all its industrial power to cater for the current needs of the population in terms of the N95 masks as well as establish anticipations, previsions and detailed future plans to be ready to face any sort of unpredictable human disaster and to come out of it with the least damages and regrets. The world today has learnt that the hard way but tomorrow will be a better day for the thriving market of the N95 masks and hopefully for the humanity as well.


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