Sterile dental needles Market Size, Statistics, Trend Analysis and Forecast Report, 2020 - 2027

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Sterile dental needles Market size was estimated at $115.5 Million in 2019 and is expected to reach $174.8 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

sterile dental needles market

Sterile Dental needles are medical devices used to deliver anesthetic to the medical locales in order to make a patient numb and ready for the oral medical care processes. These are sterile and single-use, which are created to be as gentle as possible in order to prevent any sort of infection or pain the patient. It is also essential to dispose of these needles after use safely.

These are used by Dental medical personnel for patients in regular clinics or hospitals. The sterile dental needles market is expected to drive growth due to the increasing fitness awareness, and information about dental hygiene, growing raging population, healthcare expenditure by the govt is also on the rise, these factors are leading to the boost in the global sterile dental needles market. The key players in the market are essentially aiming for new product launches, collaborations, better technologies to enhance their product portfolio. Moreover, with the COVID 19 pandemic, the importance of safety and indispensability pertaining to hygiene has also played a role in the rise. However, stringent governing policies and declining health expenditure by some governments and healthcare authorities due to the load of the economic recession, may restraint the growth of the needles market in the time to come.

Segmentation Analysis

Sterile Dental Needles Market Growth and Trends

With an upswing in the current trend of cosmetic surgeries, and advancement of medical technology for the same, there has been a trigger in demand for sterile dental needles that are used in surgical procedures. The rise in government initiatives in enhancing health care, research and development facilities ensures steady market growth for sterile dental needles. The market can be bifurcated based on product and end-user or application, where the latter pertains to clinics and hospitals where maximum demand is generated. The key factor enhancing demand for sterile dental needles is the standard of safety norms that they conform to, where the function is to prevent any sort of contamination during medical procedures. These needles have very high utility in the administration of local anaesthetic to the operative site in order to make a patient as comfortable as possible. Single use and sterile, these needles are customised to be as gentle as possible in order to prevent accumulation at the injection site and to make the injection smooth and comfortable for patients. They serve as atraumatic needles that ensure safety as well as comfort, which are key factors in driving the demand for sterile dental needles which can be disposed of treatment on the patient has been completed. Being non-toxic and non-pyrogenic in their features, these needles prevent infection that may otherwise be contracted through contamination. This further fosters the demand for sterile dental needles and leads to high market growth as a consequence.

A restraining factor that could hinder the demand for sterile dental needles is the possibility of infection as a result of reuse without autoclaving or reuse after ineffective autoclaving. This in turn could impact the market growth. However, this is only a procedural challenge and hence can be taken care of by appropriate methods and approaches.

Sterile Dental Needles Market Competition
Key companies operating in this industry are Septodont, Dentsply, Terumo Corporation, Shinhung, Nirpo, Acteon, J. Morita, Heraeus Kulzer, EXEL International, CK DENTAL, Biodent, KDL and Shuguang.

Coverage Highlights
• Sterile Dental Needles Market Revenue Estimation and Forecast (2020 – 2027)
• Production Estimation and Forecast (2020 – 2027)
• Sales/Consumption Volume Estimation and Forecast (2020 – 2027)
• Breakdown of Revenue by Segments (2020 – 2027)
• Breakdown of Production by Segments (2020 – 2027)
• Breakdown of Sales Volume by Segments (2020 – 2027)
• Gross Margin and Profitability Analysis of Companies
• Business Trend and Expansion Analysis
• Import and Export Analysis

Sterile Dental Needles Market Segmentation
Product Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)
• 25G
• 27G
• 30G
• 31G

Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)
• Clinic use
• Hospital use

Country (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)
North America

• United States
• Canada
• Mexico


• China
• Japan
• South Korea
• India
• Philippines
• Malaysia
• Australia
• Rest of Asia Pacific


• Italy
• Spain
• France
• UK
• Germany
• Belgium
• Netherlands
• Switzerland
• Russia
• Rest of Europe

South America

• Brazil
• Peru
• Chile
• Rest of South America

The Middle East and Africa
• Iran
• Israel
• Saudi Arabia
• Turkey
• Africa

Sterile Dental Needles Market Companies
• Septodont
• Dentsply
• Terumo Corporation
• Shinhung
• Nirpo
• Acteon
• J. Morita
• Heraeus Kulzer
• EXEL International
• Biodent
• Shuguang


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