Telescopic Channel/Runner market Size, Share, Statistics, Trend Analysis and Forecast Report, 2020 - 2027

Telescopic Channel/Runner Market is segmented by Product Type (Light Duty Channel/Runner, Medium Duty Channel/Runner, and Heavy Duty Channel/Runner), and by Material (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Plastic), and by Mounting Type (Bottom Mounted, Cabinet Mounted, Drawer Mounted, and Others), and by Distribution Channel (Direct Sales [OEM], Indirect Sales [Distributor and Wholesaler], and Online Retail), and by Application (Residential, Commercial, and Industrial), and by Region (United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, China, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, South Korea, Middle East, Japan, Africa and Rest of World)

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Telescopic Channel/Runner market size shall reach a value of $2x61.4 Million in 2027, growing with a CAGR of 12.13% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

Market Definition / Research Scope

The telescopic channel/runner is also referred to as a drawer runner/channel. It is mainly used in drawers. It is a small device that helps to simplify fluid motion as the drawer is closed or opened. It has a small set of wheels attached to the external sides of the drawer. They ensure smooth functioning of the drawer. They are made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. There are three types; light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.
Telescopic channel/runner use durable ball bearing mechanisms to deliver smooth and quiet opening and closing actions. The self cleaning ball retainers allow removal of foreign particles between ball bearings and enable protection of runner raceways. Lubrication enables sufficient durability of the runner. The front disconnect in the drawer runner allows the draw to be easily disconnected from the main runner assembly by depressing a lever.
They are applied in ATM machines, workstations, gaming machines, ticket machines, food and drink dispensing units, premium furniture, modular kitchens and in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
North America is the global market dominator with its increase in smart homes demand. The market is fragmented due to few global and domestic market players. A big number of manufacturers and vendors promote and sell products through e-tailer websites and their own online sales websites. Key strategies the companies have adopted include new product development and enhancing the quality of the product and delivery processes.

Telescopic Channel/Runner Market Growth and Trends

Driving factors for the industry :
• Consistent industrialisation and urbanisation in major technical sectors and organisations have led the officials to switch to telescopic channel/ runner market products over ordinary systems, to provide better and faster service and convenience to consumers and increase their market profit and share, in turn posing to be one of the key factors leading to the growth of the global telescopic channel or runner market now and during the upcoming years.
• Growing investment opportunity in developed and developing countries such as China and India, is anticipated to boost the growth of the telescopic channel/ runner market in the coming years.
• The increasing use of ATM machines, gaming machines, ticket counter machines, malls, food and drink dispensing equipment require telescopic channel or runners for better and faster performance. These are projected to drive the demand for the telescopic channel/ runners in the upcoming years.
• There is an upsurge in the demand for Premium Furniture and purchasing power of consumers with disposable income is rising which is leading to economic growth. Hence this rise in demand for premium furniture is expected to bolster the demand for the telescopic channel/runner market products in the residential, commercial, and industrial end sector across the globe during the forecasted period.
• Modern day consumers with high standard of living tend to incline towards new and fascinating technologies like modular kitchen coupled with rising disposable income of consumers. These require heavy use of the telescopic channel/ runner equipments. This leads to an increase in the demand for the global telephonic channel/ runner products in the residential end sector areas. This in turn acts as one of the major factors anticipated to drive the growth of the global telephonic channel/ runner market further in the near future.
• Availability of raw materials at cheaper prices and the growing demand for smart kitchens as mentioned above are factors anticipated to accelerate the demand and growth of the telescopic channel/runner market.

Challenges for the industry :
• Fluctuations in steel prices can be challenging and hamper the telephonic channel/ runner market.
• Secondly, sudden rise in the prices of other raw material used in the manufacturing and maintenance of the telescopic channel/runners market products is expected to hinder the global telescopic channel/ runner market in the next few years.

Telescopic Channel/Runner Market Regional Analysis
Telescopic Channel/Runner Market Share and Competition
Key companies operating in this industry are: Blum Inc., Accuride International Inc., Hettich Holding GmbH & Co. oHG, Grass, Formenti e Giovenzana SpA, Guangdong Taiming Metal Products Co., LTD, King Slide Works Co., Ltd., Guangdong Saca Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Guangdong Dongtai Hardware Group, ITW Proline (Prestige), Arturo Salice S.p.A., Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Company, General Devices Company, Inc., and Jonathan Engineered Solutions.

Telescopic Channel/Runner Market Research Report Analysis Highlights
• Historical data available (as per request)
• Estimation/projections/forecast for revenue and unit sales (2020 – 2027)
• Data breakdown for every market segment (2020 – 2027)
• Gross margin and profitability analysis of companies
• Price analysis of each product type
• Business trend and expansion analysis
• Import and export analysis
• Competition analysis/market share
• Supply chain analysis
• Client list and case studies
• Market entry strategy

Industry Segmentation and Revenue Breakdown
Product Type Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)
• Light Duty Channel/Runner
• Medium Duty Channel/Runner
• Heavy Duty Channel/Runner

Material Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)
• Aluminum
• Stainless Steel
• Plastic

Mounting Type Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)
• Bottom Mounted
• Cabinet Mounted
• Drawer Mounted
• Others

Distribution Channel Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)
• Direct Sales (OEM)
• Indirect Sales (Distributor and Wholesaler)
• Online Retail

Application Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)
• Residential
• Commercial
• Industrial

Region Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2020 - 2027)
• United States
• Canada
• Mexico
• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Spain
• United Kingdom
• Russia
• China
• India
• Philippines
• Malaysia
• Australia
• Austria
• South Korea
• Middle East
• Japan
• Africa
• Rest of World

Telescopic Channel/Runner Market Companies
• Blum Inc.
• Accuride International Inc.
• Hettich Holding GmbH & Co. oHG
• Grass
• Formenti e Giovenzana SpA
• Guangdong Taiming Metal Products Co., LTD
• King Slide Works Co., Ltd.
• Guangdong Saca Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
• Guangdong Dongtai Hardware Group
• ITW Proline (Prestige)
• Arturo Salice S.p.A.
• Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Company
• General Devices Company, Inc.
• Jonathan Engineered Solutions

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