UV Disinfection Equipment Market Size Report, 2020 - 2027

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UV Disinfection Equipment Market size shall reach a value of $2749.6 Million in 2020 to $6,684 Million in 2027, growing with a CAGR of 12.3% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

uv disinfection equipment market

An overview:
Ultraviolet (UV) light is a type of light that cannot be seen by the human eye, the provenance of this light happens on a daily basis with the sunlight and its beams. With the unimaginable accomplishments of science, humans are currently capable of using this light in medical uses and other contexts. This process of application is called Advanced UV disinfection and it is proven to exterminate to a great extent different micro-organisms and pathogens without the need of any elevated temperatures or toxic chemicals. The UV disinfection is carried out in specific systems known to be called UV disinfection systems that comprise a stainless-steel chamber along with a UV bulb inside a quartz wrapping, these systems work on destroying the DNAs of each micro-organism that goes through the chamber using the light shed by the UV light bulb, and kills effectively all the pathogens in the infected area. 
The key factors supporting the growth of the UV disinfection market:
Ultraviolet disinfection is now known to be among the most reliable, efficient, cost-effective and most importantly safest disinfection methods. It is very precise and targeted towards the eradication of any harmful micro-organism namely a virus or bacteria as to deactivate its pathological effect all whilst being eco-friendly and chemical-free. In a nutshell, these reasons are already more than enough to promote a massive growth in the UV disinfection equipments market. However, there are more relevant reasons for such an increasing need, the first being the specific efficiency of this disinfection method on both drinking and waste water. The UV disinfection exceeds the rates of chlorine in treating precise pathogens such as cryptosporidium, making for itself a name within a more demanding and selective market of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, especially in the current safety guidelines all over the world concerning the quality of drinking water. UV light has also been proven to exterminate successfully various harmful pathogens that can cause dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, polio, typhoid or cholera, along with its impressive antibacterial, germicidal and virucidal properties. On another note, UV disinfection has also a major role in the eradication of industrial micro-chemicals such as residues and pesticides efficiently. All these uses are opening new opportunities before the industry of UV disinfection in various fields and promise a thriving market in the near future.
The study of the market:
The market size:
The global UV disinfection equipments market has made revenue of USD 1.1 billion in the year 2018 and is anticipated to amount to USD 3.4 billion by the year 2026, as to generate a CAGR of 15% in the abovementioned period, other prospect studies base their forecasts on the current Covid-19 pandemic and all the increasing needs in terms of disinfection that it implies, to affirm that by the end of 2025, the market of UV disinfection equipments will generate USD 5.3 billion, consequentially shattering all the anticipated growth levels. This market is fueled and strengthened by the increasing demand of this mechanism in a surfeit of applications such as water, food and air disinfection.
The market share:
The challenging and precise nature of this market imposes on each player to be sufficiently knowledgeable scientifically, as to be capable of apprehending the complex approaches that this mechanism requires, along with a risk-taking mindset that allows the players to anticipate any result from such a fluctuating market. The lead players that retain all the strings of power in the market of UV disinfection equipments are meticulously constituted with elite scientists and visionary polyvalent experts, making the competition landscape very tense and acute between various major players namely Xylem, Halma, Calgon, Evoqua Water Technologies, Atlantium Technologies, Trojan Technologies, UV-Technik, Lumalier and Atlantic Ultraviolet. However, various newcomers are making their way into the market and carving their touch into the industry such as Ozonia, Lit Company, Alfaa UV, UV Pure, Utraaqua, Sita and Aqualine Ii Water Systems.
Market segmentation:
The market of UV disinfection equipments can be treated in a transversal way through various layers, in which we can discern between a segmentation based on the application, the formulation or type, the geographical distribution and the end-user.
i.    Segmentation based on the application:
The UV disinfection equipments can be used for various purposes, namely:
•    Water purification (municipal and residential drinking water, pool water, agricultural and industrial use water).
•    Wastewater processing.
•    Surfaces disinfection.
•    Air disinfection. 
•    Foods and beverages disinfection. 
The segment of water and wastewater treatment comes at first with the largest market value after rounding a total of USD 924 million in 2016, and is expected to generate the highest CAGR in the upcoming years, as the UV disinfection technique avails the most in the purification of water; it rapidly exterminates any existing micro-organisms by scrambling their DNAs whether be it a virus, a bacteria or an algae once in the disinfection chamber using the UV light. This classification is totally understandable as the purification of water is accomplished poorly by other disinfectants such as chlorine and ozone. 
ii.    Segmentation based on the component:
We can distinguish between two major components for the UV disinfection equipments that are the UV lamps and the quartz sleeves. The UV lamps segment is expected to generate the highest CAGR in the near future, as the commercialized equipments comprising one or multiple UV lamps were proven to be of a high reliability in terms of pathogens extermination along with their cost effectiveness in the long run. The quartz sleeve UV disinfection comes in the second position because it does not offer as much flexibility in terms of application as the UV lamps. 
iii.    Segmentation based on the geographical distribution:
North America holds the largest market share in the UV disinfection equipments market, due to its early investments in the sector in comparison with the rest of the world, it has adopted this technique for drinking water treatment since 1916, making it a wildly adopted approach in the US, leading to a substantial growth in the revenues of the market and in its innovation with the constant quest for the optimal effectiveness, that along with the efforts made to adapt the prices of these equipments to the masses as much as possible. However, the APAC region and Europe constitute a fast-growing market as well, and might witness the growth of a high CAGR in the upcoming period after the rising awareness of the efficiency of this technique in various applications.
iv.    Segmentation based on the end user:
The UV disinfection market is directed towards two major distribution channels, mainly the municipal and residential segments. The municipal segment retains the largest market share and is anticipated to grow at a high CAGR of 21.6% in the horizon of 2025, this classification is understandable as the municipal segment is in charge of a general water treatment and the dispatching towards specific end-users, be it for a residential, commercial or industrial application. Nonetheless, the residential segment is also growing at a fast pace in terms of its needs for the UV disinfection techniques to reach a CAGR of 18.5% in the same period interval, which is due to the rising awareness of individuals of the efficiency of this method, its eco-friendly preoccupation and its cost-effectiveness in the long-run.
The market forecast:
Nowadays, the UV disinfection equipments market is commonly seen as the future of the entire market of disinfection. This technique is so multifunctional that it can replace several conventional low-cost chemicals way more rapidly and effectively, it can disinfect water, air, foods and beverages, surfaces, all in one package, without having to succumb to the side effects of the chemicals, or to damage the infected objects with the excessive heat. The precise and targeted nature of this technique makes it the go-to solution in critical situations that require a lot of meticulousness and attention, especially all that is relative to the health sector and the public well-being. 
Adopting this technique will soon enough no longer be a mere option, but a necessity established by the safety guidelines and regulations, especially with the current outbreak of the Covid-19 and that requires a high level of care and a total disinfection rate with the minimum contact; the technique of UV disinfection offers all these properties and ensures an immediate elimination of the threatening pathogens. The question that imposes itself is to what extent would the outbreak have been milder if the adoption of the UV disinfection has been established sooner and its usage vulgarized enough to become an ordinary tool just like the on-the-counter household cleaning products? To what extent would hospitals control the disinfection of their surfaces and instruments and the extermination of the pathogens lying freely within the walls of their institutions if they adopt this technique? These questions will sure find their answers in the near future when a more concrete and apprehensible approach is undertaken to discuss the future of this promising market. Nevertheless, it is yet to be confirmed that the veritable future of all the disinfection market is an invisible entity with an unimaginable power and efficiency. 


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