Vaccine Carrier and Cold boxes Market

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vaccine carrier and cold boxes market

The usage for vaccine carrier and cold boxes is expected to increase rapidly as there will be more demand for economical cold chain solutions for the last-mile reach of the vaccine. A lot of children die every year due to lack of vaccination and most of the time, due to the lack of last-mile reach of immunization campaigns. Another driving factor for the vaccine carrier and cold boxes includes its super-convenient size that could be carried easily by one single worker in hand. These boxes are also used to carry vaccines from primary healthcare centers to intermediate vaccines store. The outbreak of various deadly diseases like cancer and other chronic diseases will also fuel the growth of cold boxes as medicine and vaccine carriers. Also, the growing prevalence of various endemic diseases like smallpox, Ebola, measles, etc. that require immediate medical help and vaccination is another driving factor for the vaccine and cold boxes market.

In spite of great demands, vaccine carriers and cold boxes market might face a setback. The main reasons include the disorganised supply chain and a lack of management. Lack of proper knowledge and education regarding the selection of appropriate isothermal boxes and usage of coolant-packs can hamper the vaccine quality and decrease its shelf life during transportation. The vaccines also lose their potency if the supply chain isn’t maintained at a desired range of temperature.

The vaccine and cold boxes market have a string of opportunities that could boost the market. The initiative to launch CCE or Cold Chain Equipment will greatly strengthen the sales by providing financial support and incentives for higher performance. This will assure efficient, sustainable, affordable, and better performing.


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