Anti Drone Technology Trend

Anti Drone Technology Trend

  • 02-25-2020

Anti Drone Market Application
Anti-drone sensors technology are employed to detect signals like Infrared (IR), Radio frequencies, combined sensors, Acoustic, Electro-optical (EO) and Radar. 
After detection, signals are disrupted via GNSS Jamming, Combined Intrusion Elements, Laser, Nets, Projectile, Spoofing, and RF Jamming. 

Research and Development Challenges 
With rapid developments in drones and there use in superfluous interference, threatening safety and security of entities.  Companies are focused in fast development of Anti Drones. Extensive research is carried at every stage of anti drone development.  Major challenges that companies are facing are high cost of using laser use and costly technologies.  Therefore,  restricting Anti Drone development by small and medium scale companies.  

Anti Drone technology demand  
With increase in illicit drone activities, it has become imperative to come up with counter measures.  Anti drones has its work in commercial, public venture infrastructures like Airports, stadium, data centers, energy and utilities. 
Most importantly, Anti drones finds its large share of market in defense and military.  Anti Drone capabilities, such as monitoring terrorist activities, smuggling, spying has contributed its demand in rise. 
Developed nation like USA is striving for Anti Drones technology for enhanced security and strengthening its defense system.  It is expected rise in anti drone market share to USD 2,276 million by 2024. With time US has faced security breaches unidentified drones, terrorist attacks. These factors are critical for a developed nation like USA. 
Laser system implanted in Anti drone offers high speed, high precision, flexibility and relatively cost effective. Airline companies like The Boeing Co. (USA), Raytheon Co. (US), Lockheed Martin Corporation (USA) have been extensively engaged in developing Laser based Anti Drone Technology. 

Anti Drone System Development
Anti drone market provides - micro UAV ranging 1.5 KM to 2 KM anti drones and mini UAV ranging 8 KM to 10 KM.  Developed drones are compact and easy to cheat eyes. This requires urgent need to create counter drones to easily detect interfering drones. 
British companies like Chess Dynamics, Enterprise Control Systems and Blighters Surveillance Systems has launched counter drone systems that detects, identifies & disrupts Mini – UAVs and Micro UAVs, that can range 8 kilometers.  This has demanded companied to develop compact counter drones. 

Anti – Drone Market by Geography
By demand western countries like America (Canada,  US, Mexico, South America) leads in counter drone demand. European countries like UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy also has high demand. Asian countries including India, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and other developing countries are rapidly adopting anti - drone system of defense. Africa and Middle East countries are queuing up for installing anti- drone technology in their respective countries. 

Recent development and Future Aspects of Anti – Drone Technology Market
US Company, Raytheon Co. has been awarded by US Army for KuRFS, which is electronically advanced and delivers accurate fire control.
Anti Drone market has promising demand rise in developing as well as in developed nations. With fastest growing intrusions,  by surplus drones. Anti – Drone market is expected to rise exponentially.  

 Anti – Drone Market, by Application 
o    Detection
•    Acoustic
•    Electro-Optical (EO)
•    Infrared (IR)
•    Radar
•    Radio frequency
•    Combined Sensors
o    Detection and Disruption
•    GNSS Jamming
•    RF Jamming
•    Laser
•    Nets
    Spoofing
    Projectile
    Combined Intrusion Elements
Anti-Drone Market, by Technology 
o    Destructive
o    Laser Systems
o    Kinetic systems
o    Electronic Systems
o    Non Destructive

Anti-Drone Market, by Platform Type
o    Ground – Based
o    Hand – held
o    UAV – Based
Anti-Drone Market, by System Configuration 
o    Fixed
o    Mobile
Anti-Drone Market, by Vertical
o    Military & Defense
o    Commercial
•    Public Venues
•    Critical Infrastructure
    Energy and Utilities
    Stadiums and arenas
    Airports
    Data Centers and Corporations
    Others
•    Households
o    Homeland Security
Anti-Drone Market, by Geography 
o    Americas
•    US
•    Canada
•    Mexico
•    South America
o    Europe
•    UK
•    Germany
•    France
•    Italy
•    Spain
•    Rest of Europe
o    APAC
•    China
•    Japan
•    India
•    South Korea
•    Australia
•    Rest of APAC
o    RoW
•    Middle East
•    Africa


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