Are you ready for a change in the transportation system? Here is an Intelligent Transportation System for you!

Are you ready for a change in the transportation system? Here is an Intelligent Transportation System for you!

  • 05-20-2019

Technology is changing the face of this world whether it is about digitalization the management, changing the security services or improving the transportation system. It has changed both the scale and speed of transports. Due to the digital conversion, the pace of innovation is also catching the pace. Intelligent Transportation System has now become an important component in the transportation industry. Be it going to school, office, college or any other place, common people need good transportation.  
A right Intelligent Transport System can save not only your time but also make your travel smarter. Intelligent Transportation System is specially designed for improving traffic competence and reducing traffic problems. Above all, it gives information to the users regarding local convenience running in real time, traffic status, seat availability and many more. This helps them to reduce their traveling time and travel comfortably. 
Where is the Intelligent Transportation System used?
The entire system of ITS is based on analysis, data collection and use the results to bring the system into operation. All this information is used for operating the system in a good way. The combination of GPS updates, information processors, sensors, roadside messages, automated traffic prioritization, and communication system play a significant role in making a good Intelligent Transportation System. This system plays a significant role in - 

  • Traffic Management System
  • Vehicle Control System
  • Traveler Information System
  • Rural Transportation System
  • Public Transportation System
  • Commercial Vehicles Operations System

Intelligent Transportation System plays a major role in improving the transportation system. 
Enhancing traffic safety
The rate of accidents is increasing due to heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions and high speed of the vehicle. ITS help in monitoring the real-time weather conditions like wind speed, visibility, rainfall, and others to avoid such accidents. The collected information is further used for updating the traffic controllers as well as travelers. Even it alerts the drivers about the conditions around them so that they can avoid entering into the traffic area.  
Minimizes infrastructure damage
It is seen that heavy vehicles are responsible for putting a lot of strain on the road, especially when they are overloaded. Weigh-in-motion method reduces down the risk and brings the traffic under control. It is responsible for identifying the overloaded vehicles and taking the required measures. 
Controlling the traffic
The role of a centralized traffic control system is to ensure that the vehicles are moving smoothly without causing any congestion. With the help of Intelligent Transportation System, the traffic light patterns can be changed automatically.  
Managing the parking system
Illegal parking can result in a crowded area, dangerous streets and sometimes end up in a fight. Here comes the role of Intelligent Transportation System. No doubt, the traditional parking system is quite expensive. The Intelligent Transportation System records illegally parked vehicles and communicate with them to avoid any collapsing. 
Due to the lots of advantages, Intelligent Transportation Market comes into the trend.

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