Australia Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

Australia Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

For a country as advanced and in vogue, it goes without saying that the fitness industry is a power factor of its pace in the race with other countries. Australia has adapted to the newest trends linked to the gym and fitness industry and has moulded all of them in a way that can be called theirs alone. Gyms can be seen in residential areas, posh markets and in other eye-catchy scenes. Not only elite but upper and middle-class people also invest in the expensive memberships to relish top-class facilities and prerequisites. It costs a couple of million dollars per annum to buy premium membership of a gym which has locked its feet on the ground. The majority of the population in Australia is inclined towards fitness and health care. However, the body standards of two genders differ from one another, women desire to have toned muscles, abs and flexes just as men do. Out of this pie, The old aged people are encouraged towards health and to keep ones body fit enough to lead an independent life. 

Australia believes that an eliminator of mental illness and stress is exercise. A healthy body generates healthy vibes and urges positivity pangs into the brain. The youth indulges in gym memberships and exercises to take their minds off of some things. Exercise in the country comes in varied forms and means. Outdoor games and sports is one perk that teenagers mingle with. 

Group training is a common and affordable means of gaining a desired body shape and health. It involves around 5 - 10 people and an instructor who teaches and motivates the lot to practise and explore more dimensions of fitness. The schedule of these group classes is such that people stay excited and motivated to keep attending and working towards their goal. It includes dance sessions, cardio workout, stretching, yoga, running or many more fun activities which any age group people would love to do. 

Secondly, high-intensity interval training is considered as the groundbreaker of new trends. It involves short sessions of high-intensity exercises followed by a short rest which is also called as recovery periods. HIIT sessions are best carried out with groups as the energy keeps getting transmitted from one individual to another. These sessions show slow but definite results after a time period. However, these sessions are not highly recommended to old aged people. This lot of people are favoured towards gym memberships which offer the best training and facilities. As fitness training is already a hustle for them, they do not entertain more of it with group sessions and outdoor activities. Fund generating companies believe that this sector of people is the hotspot of profit as they have more assets than compared to young people. Specified trainers and diet plans are also recommended to them to show more visible changes. The graph of the country has changed drastically with people living longer and working longer. It is levelling up the growth of the industry and economy parallelly. 

Personalized group training is also common among people who can invest the kind of money it requires. It involves one-on-one training or small groups ( 5 or less that it) who come together to experience personalised training by a reputed instructor. Usually, a small group of friends or colleagues pool their time to evolve and transform their body states. People who prefer staying in their preferred bucket of people opt for this training. The wearable market is also soaring high with technology induced devices. They keep track of the persons heart rate, calorie intake, steps walked, distance travelled and other reminders. They come with a GPS tracker and smart approach towards fitness. It is one time and fruitful investment and also adds a touch to the persons profile. Brands like Apple, Fitbit and Garmin have a neck to neck competition and their devices are one of the most frequently bought by the people. Young men who desire abs and toned muscles also prefer protein powder and other supplements to top up their training. Along with the growth in the fitness industry in Australia, people are also taking up the profession of fitness coaches or instructors. 

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