Canada Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

Canada Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

Despite the snow which covers the landmass of Canada, there is more than what meets the eye. Let it be any field of life including education, health care or economic development, Canada has aced all and how.  The people in Canada are driven towards education and living a standard lifestyle. It includes a healthy body, soulful mind and personal norms which an individual creates.  Women and men have started idealising beauty and body standards, they also invest money and time for the greater good of themselves. 

Canada incurs a moderate population and a majority part of this pie has migrated from other countries like India and Germany. People get attracted by the opportunity that the country has to offer, there are financial opportunities and jobs and Canada is a country which is exceptionally affordable at certain levels. Fitness industry has bloomed in terms of equipment, machines, sports wear, Wearables, trainers and in-house gyms.

Elite people indulge in the top class facilities of gyms and pay a bomb to them. However, these people are less in number as compared to the ones who opt for local gyms.  The trends which are adopted by Canada range from HIIT to yoga, Dumbbell training to meditation, fascial fitness to pilates and many more. 

Since 2018, Canada has been a hotspot for the popularity of high intensity interval training which includes a half-half ratio of exercise and rest. This training has proved to be the most successful in easing people who suffer from obesity and toning muscles, aining abs and creating a perfect beach body. Unlike the other countries in its counterparts the people in Canada believe that a full 60 minute session is what the body needs to mould into a desirable and expected shape. However,  a 30 and 45 minute session is effective but not upto the mark as compared to a 60 minute session. 

Yoga has continued to be the magic that every person needs to shape a healthy mind as well as body. There are various centres and fitness clubs which have introduced yoga in their sessions, people who are stressed and want to get some easy time are recommended to opt for these sessions as they provide the body with everything it needs.

People in Canada have also adopted wearable devices which come with GPS tracker and heart rate monitor and keep a track of the calorie intake, the weight loss, distance covered and other basic reminders. Apple has emerged as a use front in wearable technology as the devices it brings to the market are encapsulated with tech savvy ways of keeping a digital track on body details.  People consult personal trainers and instructors which keep a track on dietary plans and exercises.  People have noticed visible changes in their body structures after traversing on the steps laid down by a professional. 

Canada is one of the very few countries who have adopted the trend of fascial fitness , it involves the simulation and strengthening the muscular connective tissue called fascia. Many people underestimate this particular tissue of the body as not much awareness is spread about it. However in Canada, this form of fitness is in vogue and people use foam rollers and other techniques to gain the strength and reliability of this tissue. 

There is a huge scope of sportswear market and athleisure wear in Canada. Women pay extra heed to what they wear while hitting the gyms or even when they step out of their houses for a jog or walk. Next up, Supplement market is gaining accoladences for producing organic powders which pump the muscles and strengthens them for a good workout session.  Canada is still a potential resource in the fitness industry but there are high chances of it emerging as one of the best. 

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