China Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

China Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

The fitness and gym industry in China is witnessing stir at a great pace. The primitive fitness hubs opened in the country long back in the 1980s but then, these places of exercises and to tone body shapes were allotted for elite people and to the common folk, it was an alien concept. But now, with salaries doubling in numbers and employment surging, more and more people are investing money into gyms and paying heed to their body shapes. With the growing demand, companies have also seeped in the economy and have surged in with top-class equipment and features. However, China still is a potential candidate in the skyscraping success in the fitness industry. As the statistics of gym-goers in China is much less than its counterparts. Believing reports, only 3% of China population has memberships of various businesses or premium gyms. 

The major fitness trends among the people and primarily women include Yoga. China has and continues to believe in the magic of Yoga on ones body. Improving body appearance and boosting immunity against various diseases that the country has always been a hotspot of, Yoga does it all for them. With the stigma around yoga and its religious followers comes the revenue generated from the markets linked to it. One should know that sweatshirts and pants are not meant for the gym alone, people in China opt for Athleisure wear for yoga sessions as well. Reputed brands are flowing in with the claim of producing the most comfortable and perfectly fitting outfits, this niche of the market is soaring in the market with the incurred revenue. 

Secondly, China has witnessed drastic changes in the notion of body images for both genders. Back in 2003, Chinese women were supposed to be skinny to the point that some people might call it sick. But now, with evolving times and abolishing the outdated societies notions, Women believe that all their bodies should be is Strong, fit and comfortable in its own skin. Women thrive for abs, toned muscles and beach bodies as much as men do and for this, the inclination towards protein supplements is soaring rapidly. Brands like gym max, Muscletech and competitor are well versed with producing what the consumers demand. Better in taste and easier to make are the factors which people consider while opting for a suitable choice. Organic and natural supplements are demanded by consumers which can ensure no side effects in the long haul, Plant-induced protein powders can be considered as the future of this arena. 

Unlike the other countries, China population is more drawn towards in-house gyms than buying a membership of an outdoor one. The in-house gyms require a handsome investment but unlike the outdoor one, this investment is ever-lasting and more comfortable. Treadmills and gym bikes are the most frequently bought equipment among people and currently, about 1 million machines are being sold in a year. If the slope of the graph keeps on levelling there are chances that these figures would double up. Along with treadmills and bikes, Dumbbells, yoga mats, yoga blocks, stretchers and many more. With this new but profound trend, people have dragged along mobile applications like KEEP which keeps a track on your in-house gyms and facilities.  

Profits and revenues are flooding in as a result of changing lifestyles and priorities. Youth is more conscious about their body states and habits which is every bit right as unawareness can sometimes be more hazardous than it intends to be. Companies and brands are gaining spike in manufacturing units and revenue, with gym bikes and treadmills coming in vogue, We can see a bright future in China fitness industry.

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