denmark Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

denmark Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

Denmark is a potential hotspot for a globally dominating fitness industry and it has increased dramatically in recent years. Currently, it is expected that the annual fitness industry will generate a revenue of 55 million dollars and the total users will increase to double the number it was the previous year. Denmark is known for limited diversities but the fitness trends in the country have been adopted from various parts of the world and have been moulded in a way which suits the people of the country the best. 

Fitness is not only seen as a way of better lifestyle but also to add in their leisure time and to provide a break from their hectic and rushing lives. 

Zumba is one of the most popular trends in the country especially middle eastern men and women involved in Zumba sessions which are provided in many dreams throughout the main market of the country. However, Zumba is losing its spark in the Western contemporaries but Denmark still believes in the health benefits that this form of dance can provide. Other than that, pole dancing is also a major factor of providing body stabilization and posture, it also adds up to flexibility and muscle strength. And people who enjoy this form of dance, it is the case of hitting two doves with a single stone. 

Furthermore, Boxing is another trend which is popular in the country. Gone are the times when people thought of it as a sport tailor made for men. Denmark is encouraging women and men equally to practice boxing and play the first tone towards a strong and fit body. Denmark is a country which is filled with ample numbers of parks and empty grounds with breeze whizzing through trees, this ambience is perfect for old aged people and even youngsters to go for a jog early morning or late evening. These small but essential steps add up to the greater good of your body in the long haul. 

While talking about fitness trends in Denmark, hatha yoga cannot be missed. Yoga has emerged fruitful in all countries and Denmark is no exception. People are inclined towards yoga for gaining peace of mind and body shape. Certain clubs in Denmark are known for the yoga sessions they hold, people attend in large numbers and gain benefits. Other trends include cycling and swimming. People in the country opt for cycles to travel moderate distances and ditch vehicles, its an economic and eco friendly way of losing extra fat. Swimming is also something that people take seriously to tone muscles and increase bone strength. 

Denmarks very own and emerging trend is Acrobatics. Known for stretching muscles and increasing flexibility of the body, it is growing in demand among people who wish to explore alien and new activities. People see visible changes in body balance and posture. Afuk  is a well-known place for practising acrobatics and aerial yoga. Not many places have introduced it in the list of activities but chances are that it will soon be added. 

Denmark has specific clubs for leisure activities and are divided between two categories profit and non profit clubs. Reports prove that non-profit clubs do not impose pressure or snatch exposure from the profit ones. Both categories go hand in hand to add in the net revenue generated from the sector of sports clubs. 

Athleisure wear brands are levelling up in numbers and some are gaining market exposure by a great measure. Crafts sportswear and  Under the same sun are sun brands which are emerging as the talk of the town. Some have taken years to reach the point where they are today but according to reports and increasing slopes, growth in the fitness industry is inevitable.

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