Iceland Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

Iceland Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

There is a popular quote which goes as " When in Iceland, stay in shape! ". The country is one of Europes most fitness driven countries as the population of Iceland takes health seriously. It is not just todays generation, but people belonging to all age groups are drawn towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And why not, after all, if a person is fit, he is more productive, he has his heart and mind at the right place and can take better decisions. A small country like Iceland also has some unique activities which the locals follow to keep themselves fit and fine.

The landscape of the island offers a number of hiking experiences which not only pumps some blood to your muscles but also lifts up your whole mood with its beautiful scenic views.

Hula hooping is one such activity that is famous in Iceland. There are many organizations set up there that provide classes on Hula hooping to all age groups. Most children are a part of such teaching institutions as the parents want to inculcate the importance of being fit and flexible into their children from the very beginning.

If you want to keep your mind fresh, your body in shape and at the same time have fun in what you do, then Dance is one such practice which is a whole package in itself. Dance not pumps your body with positive energy but also relaxes your muscles. One doesn’t need to be a professional artist to dance, anyone of any age can shake his or her leg. African Dance form is practised by many natives of Iceland. It is accompanied by a live drumming session which fills the whole environment with much energy and enthusiasm.

Tango is another dance form famous here. There are professionals who teach Tango from the basic level. At some time of the year, a ball is organised by Tango Associations in the country and people in large numbers participate in it. Its a delight to watch these arrangements. Apart from dance Yoga also calms you down and rejuvenates your spirit. Yoga is famous in many countries across the globe and Iceland is not an exception. The Island has many Yoga centres set up at different places and one can be part of any such organisations. You can take some time off from your busy schedule and practise yoga here. There are different forms of yoga practised in Iceland. One such form is Pop up Yoga that happens during the summers.

If you want to learn patience and endurance you must be associated with outdoor activities and sports. Practising any sport teaches you a lot about life. Badminton in Iceland is practised as a sport and a fitness trend. As the weather of Iceland is not exactly pleasing, indoor games like badminton and tennis prove to be a well-suited escape to Icelandic climate.

As there are many beaches, swimming has to be a fun and fitness activity here. Whenever people feel that the climate of the day is in their favour they grab some essentials and head to the beaches to enjoy the underwater world and come back feeling fitter and lighter. 

With more limelight in the fitness industry, young people are adopting instructors and trainers as professions. This is due to the handsome salary that a good and reputed trainer makes per month. According to reports, a trainer earns up to 361,000 ISK per month. 

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