India Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

India Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

India is a country which can be a sole representative of the diversity in all forms of life and cultures. Let it religions, beliefs, mindsets, or trends in the broader sense of the word. Fluctuations in preferences have now become the only stimulation for change. Similarly, Gyming and Fitness trend is a huge arena of life where the spotlight is blindingly bright and so is the future. Amidst this hugely populated country, there is a great flux of awareness and funds by the youth and middle-aged sector of people. With young people driven towards healthy living and working on their body shape to yield an expected result, gyms are highly relied on for this cause. Along with gyms and the stigma of innovative equipment, technology is also playing its part to shape India into a better form. 

Fitness Wearables like watches and phone applications are trending for keeping a track of your steps, calories burnt and consumed along with reminders of supplements, workout, water etc. Among the variety of companies, Apple and MI bands have grown tremendously by incurring their devices with updated and tech-savvy features. Pilates and other core forms of exercises are gaining heat amongst people, these exercises focus on toning of muscles by targeting core and functional areas of the body. These exercises are best practised when the target is to achieve abs or muscle flex of the back. They also do wonders by shaping hips and thighs muscles and providing a taut appearance. Functional training is a broader form of exercise which involves the functional movements of an individual, it is different for all and depends upon the kind of activities that their routine revolves around. Workout trends are fixated by professionals for those who seek help. 

Equipment-free workout sessions is another perk introduced among the health-conscious population of India. It includes workout without using any weights or machines, it can include an hour of skipping, cycling, jogging or stair flights. For people who like dancing and those who want to, Zumba and Tabata are the fun perks of these equipment-free workouts. It helps in the loss of excess body fat and toning of muscles along with stamina boost. 

The overall gym and fitness industry in India has come a far way from where it started. However, the development and growths have been slow but they have been certain. The profits took time to grow in numbers but after reaching a certain pace, they have been escalating rapidly.

The major reason for the gyms and fitness hubs in India to take this gap between development is the lack and unawareness to develop a plan. Owners and handlers usually dug their heads deep without knowing the crisis that would emerge soon after. Not having a plan and the stats of growth is overpowering good facilities, trainers and ambience. 

Despite this, India is one amongst the countries where the Fitness industry will grow tremendously in the near future. The large population and the growing numbers of health-driven people are adding up the many aspects of growth. Young entrepreneurs are investing in the gym and fitness market to yield profits in the long haul, clearly, there is a spark in India about fitness which would transform into a wildfire in the near future. 

CureFit, Neo Sanjivani, Hammer, Himalayan Yoga association are some of the brand names which are accumulating limelight in the market. The trend scores of each have raised the bars by a huge measure and so has the competency among the rest of the companies.

The support mustered for these companies is one aspect of its growth but the technology-induced measure put up by these brands which gather the attention of the majority is the another and the most integral side of the coin.

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