South africa Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

South africa Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

The county screams of adventure, fun and potentials. People are warm and friendly towards different cultures and practice together in harmony. It is a true example of struggle and victory, from being ruled over to refusing any dominant it has formed its own norms and trends for leading a good life. The fitness industry in South Africa is growing at a pace which has outlived the predictions of many. With changing standards and priorities, people have started to value their bodies and to conduct it in a manner which can be termed decent. Women especially have started hitting the gyms to gain beach bodies and their show off their naturally tanned and shining skin. Men have adapted to western notions of having abs, broad shoulders, slim waist and rippling muscles. Its all about time and in South Africa, the time has changed life for the greater good of all. 

The country shows the greatest revenue in the gym industry. No other country has ever managed to break the bar set by it as a net of $900 billion revenue is extracted every year. The Western and more modernised countries have a neck to neck competition with South Africa to match this level. Even after reaching this milestone, the statistics of The Economist predict more growth and profit in the forthcoming years. 

South Africa is stocked with over 60 studios which promote outdoor activities for fitness like boot camps. It brings along people from various parts to kickstart an adventurous journey which is effective and affordable. On the journey, people are urged to do intense body movements which help in stretching and flexibility. These sessions last for a couple of hours daily except on weekends. Trainers accompany the crew to places and instruct them throughout the practice session. 

People of South Africa have adopted another trend called Calisthenics. It is an affordable and effective way of gaining muscles, burning fat and to own a body worth showing off. It involves training by using ones own body weight without any equipment or machines. People can do it within the comfort of their homes or join a gym if it provides them with the needed vibes. Pushups, jumping jacks and crunches are some of the popular exercises people prefer to do. 

In the extreme west and east part of the country yogis flock encourage people from all age groups to practice the laughing yoga exercise. There is no speck of doubt in the fact that yoga can prove wonders to a body and can help in rejuvenating each and every fibre of it. There are many clubs and studios which offer the laughing yoga exercise in group sessions, usually, this exercise is practised outdoors and owing to the ample number of parks and empty grounds, it is easier to find a spot to connect with nature and practice it. For people who find it difficult to make two ends meet, it is a hustle for them to invest money in gym memberships and workout sessions. For them, trends like walking, cycling and other low cost fitness exercises can prove to be an armour to let their bodies be fit while they focus on their work and the forthcoming days. 

Wearable tech is another trend which people of South Africa have made their own. Serious and fitness driven people leave no stone unturned to reach the milestones they have planned for their bodies. Fitbit watches are extremely tech savvy and come with the latest technologies and devices. Apple is also generating great profit in the market as their Wearables are sold in good numbers. It will be interesting to note the future additions in these trends and the bars set by the country. 

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