Staffing Service Business

Staffing Service Business

  • 03-09-2020

Staffing companies are companies that deal with the recruitment process in a particular country. A staffing company enlists the number of vacancies available, recruits and places employees, supply temporary workforce, and various other kinds of employment services.


The Indian staffing industry is broadly classified as Temporary or Flexi Staffing, Permanent Recruitment and other Employment Services.

Temporary and Flexi Staffing

Temporary Staffing is generally related to firms which retain workers and also provide temporary workforce to other large companies, for certain specific assignments. This is the largest segment in the staffing market, yielding to INR 19,900 Crores, which makes up about seventy-five percent of the entire market. This is generally due to the pass through salary cost that are included in the revenue of such firms.

Permanent Recruitment

This part generally deals with the sourcing, screening and on-boarding of candidates from junior level to CXO level positions. This industry takes up about 12% of the market size, which yields to INR 3,250 Crores. This basically comes from the total fees collected from each successful referral or hire.

Other Employment Services

The other employment services take up about 13% of the rest of the staffing market, yielding to about INR 3500 Crores. These services include:

  • Administration of payroll
  • Outsourcing of Recruitment process
  • Consulting and HR Management
  • Training of the employees
  • Online portals for jobs

What are some of the top staffing companies in India?

Here are some of the top staffing companies in India:







Global Innovosource Solutions

Genius Consultants


ABC Consultants

Team Lease


Infoedge iii


Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Online Job Portals

1469 Cr

646 Cr

910 Cr

529 Cr

330 Cr

175 Cr

87 Cr

1312 Cr

1161 Cr

304 Cr


What are some of the Staffing Industry trends?

  • Virtual Talent Marketplaces which are being used for ranking, scouting and automated recruitment for fresh, young talents is proving to be harmful and disruptive for the Staffing Industry.
  • Currently, social recruiting has become the norm. About 93% recruiters use or plan to use social for their recruitment services.
  • Temporary jobs or contact-based jobs are slowly rising, as most of the youth are preferring to work as freelancers or in contract-based jobs. In this process, the staffing companies are playing a major role. They are easing the relationship between the freelancers and their respective clients.
  • Training is one of the most important aspects for developing any temporary workforce. A company that has training facilities, automatically has an edge in terms of being employment-ready and as a local temporary workforce.

What are some of the Target industries for Staffing Business?

The major industries that are being served by the various staffing businesses are:

  1. Information technology/ ITES
  2. The Retail Industry
  3. Public Administration industry
  4. Education Industry

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