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A lot of software applications are available mainly from different brokerage firms. The trading software offered by these brokerage firms are armed with a variety of trade, research, stock screening and analysis functions, to individual clients once they open an account here. 

Uses of Stock Market Analysis Software:

  • Real-Time stock market stimulations can help users in adjusting and adapting to market fluctuations.
  • Users also get the back-testing option in these online tools. Back-testing can help users to test stock trading strategies using historical data which can give them a better idea about the success of your future investments.
  • It can also help them in designing a stock trading or investment plan.

Having accurate information regarding stock trading can help users to screen stocks, and this in return, can help those users to execute trades without any difficulty.

Best Stock-Market Software Applications available in the market currently


In the family of products found in Metastock, you will find all the tools you need for technical and fundamental stock market analysis. The users can get real time news and data, fundamentals, commentary and analysis through MetaStock Xenith. Metastock is compatible with Windows only. The MetaStock daily charts provide several tools for after-market analysis, whereas, MetaStock RealTime is made for real-time traders.  It is available as a single purchase or even as a month long or even annual subscription. Users can also try it for 30 days, absolutely free of cost.

  1. WORDEN TC2000

This is a software for stock market analysis used mainly in the United States of America and Canada. Users can find things like charts, watch links, alerts, instant messaging, news, scanning and several other features in this particular software. This software generally runs on Windows, but you can get apps for iOS and Android mobile phones. It has hundreds of technical and fundamental indicators and a large library of drawing tools. The users will not find any automated trading tools in this software. TC2000 is widely known for its use and its speed, along with charts that are not only fast, but are simple to scan, sort, tweak and browse as well. This also has a notes function that allows users to jot memos to themselves and even flag stocks for further review.

  1. TradeStation

This software offers stock-trading strategy-testing tools, along with support from custom-trading strategies, automated trade execution based on custom buy and sell rules, backtesting, paper trading and others. The users can also add additional features and services, along with customizable analytics and hundreds of idea-generation applications. This software can run on Windows, but Mac users can get it from their web stations.

  1. eSignal

This one is a feature-rich software tool which is available at multiple price points. This software runs on Windows and the Intraday data is 15 minutes delayed. This software is a place where users can do charting, trading and generating trade ideas. They can also try this product for 30 days, absolutely free of cost.

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