sweden Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

sweden Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

sweden is a country which can be termed as a forever learner. It is known for adapting to new technologies and westernisation. If there is a place where you can learn about different cultures of the world without conventionally witnSweden essing them, then it is Sweden. Its heart is open to diversity and so is the case with the Fitness industry in the country. 

Fitness trends in Sweden vary time and again but the most popular ones stay constant for the major part of the year. If you are a fitness geek, you must have heard or practised the global trend of Crossfit. Sweden and its heart, Stockholm, incur a variety of studios and gyms where CrossFit is practised religiously. The intensity varies in different gyms for beginners and amateurs. A popular gym called  Crossfit Medis offers a groundbreaker offer for people who cannot decide whether to follow this trend or not. You can attend a full week session in the gym without buying a permanent membership and you can decide thereon. As said that Sweden respects diversities, so classes are provided in English and Swedish both. 

Be. The core is another trend which the population of the country cherishes. However, this trend does not opt for beginners as it explores a whole new dimension of exercise using different sets of machines and equipment. People who are bored with the normal workout routine and set of exercises are recommended to opt for Be. Core sessions under the guidance of a coach. It is also referred to as the Lagree fitness trend and involves a different style of pilates which focus on cardiovascular muscles and levelling the bone strength. 

Furthermore, Cross country Skiing is relished by people of Sweden and is a must-watch sport. It is as fun as it is effective in body shaping. Owing to the snow in Sweden, skiing is one of the most popular outdoor activities and when we top it up by the healthy competition, it gets the best. 

Originated in New York, Anti-gravity yoga has become an important trend in Sweden. Think of all the benefits that yoga provides and the magic that it sprinkles to ones body. Now, hype your imagination by adding a harness and imagine practising yoga in the air, defeating the norms of gravity. Yes, this extra element in Aerial Yoga is what people cherish the most. It stabilises the body, adds more strength to muscles and bones along with shaping your body as you desire. Stockholm is known for its variety of yoga centres where aerial yoga is taught by the best of instructors. SATS is a renowned branch of gyms for aerial yoga. 

Sweden can never go out of creativity and here is the proof of that. A unique and environment-friendly trend called plocka upp or plogging is renowned among people for the cause that it provides. It involves brisk jogging on the streets of the country with a trash bag and picking up litter which is sprawled over the streets. There are recycling boxes placed in the corners of many streets where these trash bags can be disposed of for the better good of the environment and humans. It is the Swedish way of worshipping nature and ones own body together. 

Swedish people are welcoming technology in their lifestyles and have realised that Wearables are the future of the fitness industry. Smartwatches and even mobile applications are treading into the market with new features and sleek designs. They can track your steps and show the calorie intake of a day, it will help you know details of your body while you work on it for the greater good. Sweden and primarily, Stockholm has an unparalleled asset of water surrounding it and Stockholmers have used it in a way that serves their cause of fitness while adding to their leisure time. Lake swimming is another popular trend in the country as swimming involves the movement of all muscles and stretches the body to its maximum extent. 

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