The united kingdom Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

The united kingdom Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

The country consists of major fitness hotspots and has gained popularity in the industry for driving a huge database of users and franchises in the gym sectors. There are over 9.7 million people in the United Kingdom who hit the gym and invest time to shape their bodies according to their will and the current body standards. A variety of fitness centres are sprawled over the country and all of it generates a huge revenue in the fitness industry. The revenue of each is roughly around 100 - 250 thousand British pounds. The fitness industry bags 5.5b dollars of revenue per annum and this bomb figure has caused many other countries to doubt their network of fitness and health care. 

People start following a fit and healthy routine, then there is no looking back. Fitness then becomes a drug, a healthy one though. Fitness and health are always in your mind, whether you are eating or out on a trip with friends, your conscious mind doesn’t allow you to skip your daily exercise routine or eat an unhealthy item.

People living in developed countries like the United Kingdom are a bit more concerned about their diet and body. They often practice some fitness activities that keep them fit and flexible. The UK has multiple gyms opened across the country, which the local people visit. 

The idea of shifting indoor gyms to outdoors is coming to light more and more. At outdoor gyms, one does various exercises while inhaling the fresh air from the open area. Apart from modern era gym people still stick to the old school yoga practices as though it might be old fashioned but the peace and calm that you inculcate within yourself by practising yoga is no less than experiencing heaven.

There are many yoga centres also where professionals teach you where to start and how to grow.

The UK also has some exciting sports practices like wall climbing that help you brush up your gripping and climbing skills. Edinburgh International Climbing Arena has the largest indoor climbing wall in the world. This 

Swimming is also one of the trends which have never gone out of fashion here. It is a professional sport as well as a fitness practice. Children are also encouraged to learn swimming during their learning age.

The UK has some enormous indoor cycling studios. You will find some of the best instructors here. The whole environment is full of enthusiasm and energy. These studios have the best stationary bikes and best of furniture for you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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