The united states of america Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

The united states of america Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

For a country as diversified yet integrated, preferences are bound to differ from one another. The US is the hotspot of the majority of modernisation and technology-induced norms. It adapts, moulds and practises unique ways of living and we all know that wherever we try something new there is a 50% chance that it wont work and 50% chance that it will. And when it comes to the fitness industry, the US has been lucky to be on the right side of the table in terms of luck and innovation. The gyms in the US vary around facilities, budget, ambience and area. While some are extravagant and can be afforded by the elite group of the society, others are moderate and can be afforded by all middle-class people. 

The country has fairly distributed people who hit the gym and focus on fitness trends and developments. In the year 2017, there were 38477 gyms in the US, a major part of this number was linked to inhouse gyms. People buy equipment and machines of their own and set up a gym like an ambience in their homes to develop a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of their own houses. According to the latest reports there were over 62.5 million gym members in the US with different preferences and expectations with their own bodies and who idolize different standards for body images. They are eager to try new and innovative things and easily get bored with regular exercises. It is said that the main reason for the sudden spike and downfall in fitness trends in the country is due to the fickle nature of people. They will be hyped about a certain trend for a couple of weeks and soon after it will seem monotonous and they search for another trend in the market. It is essential for fitness fads to keep changing and adapting.  

High-intensity interval training is a trend which has outlived the fickleness of people, many fitness freaks continue to practise HIIT since years and show no mood to drop it anytime soon. It is considered as one of the sessions which show the fastest of changes and improvements in the body. Like other countries, a huge lot of the population of the US also suffer from obesity and chronic diseases caused by it. HIIT has proved to be helpful in losing excess fat and building body strength. However, young people are more inclined towards it as compared to middle and old aged as it can easily make you breathless and immobile. People suffering from asthma and other breathing issues are not enrolled under these sessions. 

The American council has certified Antoin agency as it has gained excellence in training people and treading them towards a healthy lifestyle. Other gyms like planet fitness, snap fitness, golds Gym and anytime fitness are some of the top franchises of gyms in America. 

Trends like personal training sessions along with intensive body movements are some of the most practised and preferred exercises for people who desire to have a toned body. The US has a large population and there is a lot of hustle among them to conquer the dreams they have dreamt for themselves. In this rush towards success, depression and anger are some of the most common emotions and the elimination of it is integral for the persons peace of mind. For this cause, yoga and meditation are entitled as some of the best ways to eliminate the negative energy in the body and breathe in Good Vibes. 

The US has also brought in vogue the trend of digital fitness in which a workout session is carried out through a video conference or meeting and a personal trainer suggests dietary charts for the individual to follow. The High-tech fitness boutiques have become a common trend among women who idealise beauty and body standards, men as well are inclined towards body shape and are keen on the attention they gain through their physique. 

Supplement brands have increased in number and production of organic boosters are in high demand. The high-intensity body movements require a particular diet which is best followed by daily doses of protein powders. The people in the US pay equal heed to their attire and conduct as they do towards fitness. Hence, the market of sportswear including sweatpants and shirts, shoes and Wearables have gained a push to grow and ace the fitness industry. 

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