Uganda Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

Uganda Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

The worlds fittest country,The Flag bearer of Fitness, The most profitable country in the fitness industry. These titles are given to the country of Uganda and we all  must have  heard about them but do we know why Uganda is called the fittest country in the world or why people in this country are exceptionally driven and determined to conduct their bodies in the best way possible.  Lets find out now. According to reports out of the total pie, Uganda has only 5.5 % of ugandans have an insufficient level of activity and dormancy in their form of lifestyle.  When we compare Uganda to other countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq we noticed that the life in these countries are tarnished as compared to the one which is thriving and kicking in Uganda.  The country is still hustling to uplift its economic state and this factor is urging people to travel more, to work more and to perform the majority of activities in their life on their own instead of depending on servants and workers for this cause.  Unlike what other people think, the lack of monetary assets in Uganda is what urged it to become number one in the fitness industry . For instance, when a person needs to travel from home to office and he does not have a private vehicle which majority people do not possess, he will opt for bike, walking or jogging instead of Paying unnecessary money in transport.  This flexes muscles and improves body balance stabilization and helps in losing excess body fat.

People of Uganda practice at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity and the old age people above 64 years old tractors 75 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week. It includes brisk walking, riding bikes, playing tennis , pushing a lawn mower,  skateboarding,  rollerblading volleyball , basketball , hiking and many other outdoor activities which the answers would love to be a part of.  The bodybuilding exercises include lifting weights,  high intensity interval training , resistant bodybuilding,  push ups,  sit ups, heavy gardening and yoga.  Children in Uganda are much fitter than the similar aged children of other countries as they lack the assets and comfort of travelling by public vehicles and opt for walking or running to cover distances between homes and schools playgrounds or markets.

Uganda can also be considered as the only country which is the fittest in the lot without much popularity of Wearables or technology induced devices. The people of the country opt for natural and organic ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and skip the westernisation that threatens to enter the country from the counter parts. 

Gyms in Uganda are moderate and affordable priced, people who wish for some extra comfort and the ambience offered by a gym opt for the memberships.  Staying fit is one thing but having a great body is another thing.  Men and women who desire perfect tanned bodies hit the gym and mould themselves as they wish to.

Sportswear and supplement market is new but has the potential to grow as salaries of people level up and when people start welcoming westernisation from the neighborhoods. 

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