COVID 19 crisis – Benefiting Industries

COVID 19 crisis – Benefiting Industries

  • 04-22-2020

The coronavirus took the world by storm, leaving thousands unemployed and rendered useless in the face of a global crisis and leading the world to the verge of another economic disaster, yet there are some industries that witnessed a boost in their production and eventually ended up making a fortune. 

Hand Sanitizer Industry

Before the COVID-19 outbreak hand sanitizers were mainly used at healthcare facilities, biological labs, and infectious disease centers. Among the general population, a few health-conscious people would use a sanitizer. When the coronavirus outbreak reached a number of countries and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it to be a health emergency, guidelines were published to contain the spread of this deadly virus. In these guidelines WHO recommended the use of hand sanitizers along with other necessary preventive measures. People around the world rushed to the markets to buy the hand sanitizers until they were out of stock, this lead to a massive increase in the production as well as consumption of hand sanitizers. National health campaigns and vast media coverage were used by the affected countries to spread awareness and instill the use of sanitizers in the general public. Hence the companies making sanitizers saw a massive increase in business that would have not been possible in the normal circumstances.

Chemicals Industry

Surface disinfectants are the chemicals that either disable the infective ability of the viruses and bacteria or kill them. These are commonly used in the places where there is a chance of infection for example in the operation theaters and for cleaning the floors of the hospitals. According to the research by Infectious disease control centers across the world, like other infectious diseases, the coronavirus also spreads by air droplets and touching the infective surfaces having these droplets. Therefore, the covid-19 pandemic resulted in the use of surface disinfectants at mass levels. After the virus had spread, the countries like China, Italy and America started countrywide disinfection programs and started washing the city streets, metro stations, airports and essentially all public places with disinfectant chemicals. The use of these chemicals increased by the day as the number of coronavirus cases increased in various countries. Many citizens started self-cleansing of their houses with disinfectants. In China, engineering companies designed walk-through gates and tunnels that were installed at main city entrances, these tunnels used Infrared rays and sprayed disinfectant chemicals. These disinfectant tunnels are now also being exported to other countries affected by the outbreak.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Because of the unusual genetic makeup of the corona virus, initially there was difficulty in detecting the virus. Even when the detection did start, the laboratories around the world did not have enough equipment to perform the tests at a large scale. Non-availability of enough testing resources led to an initial increase in spread of the virus. For this reason special testing kits had to be designed for confirmation of the diagnosis. Many pharmaceutical companies took advantage of the situation and started making covid-19 testing kits. These kits were both portable and accurate in the diagnosis of the coronavirus cases. These testing kits were manufactured at a large scale by a number of pharmaceutical companies and supplied throughout the world for the testing of coronavirus suspected patients.

Online Video Platform Market

COVID-19 pushed the whole world towards a standstill. With the people confined to their homes left to do nothing, many found this a blessing in disguise and started binge watching the TV and entertainment sites like Netflix, YouTube and Social media platforms. Many companies and universities started using online platforms to communicate with their employees and students respectively. This situation caused an increase in the usage of online media and hence a substantial jump of revenues. 

In summary, these industries will continue to enjoy monetary benefits because the COVID-19 provided them the advertisement and clientage they never expected. Many people will keep on using the hand sanitizers and disinfectants as part of their self-cleansing routines. Pharmaceutical companies will be producing the testing kits to avoid the risk of a future epidemic. Similarly, more people had the opportunity to become addicted to the TV and online surfing during this crisis.

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