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Global Cranial Navigation System Market Insights

  • 02-29-2020

In recent years global cranial navigation system market is believed to grow during the forecast period. In an estimated report by the National Brain Tumor Society, 700’000 people are the victim of a brain tumor and that ratio can be enhanced in the coming years.

These devices are important factors to fuel the market in handling pre and post-operative measures with accuracy. The market about the progress

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Global Corneal Ulcer Treatment Market Report

  • 02-29-2020

The cornea is a membranous part in front of the orb. Infection with this can be induced by a foreign body, leading to corneal ulcers and ultimately results in deprivation of vision. In improver to this in developing regions where eyes are exposed to chemicals or contact lenses are not used properly are more prone to this disease.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicine Agency (EMA) are allowing

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Electric Vehicle Market Trends

  • 02-29-2020

Electric Vehicle (EV) uses one or more electric motors to move the vehicle forward. Some of the Electric Vehicles around the world are- 1. Electric truck (Class 8, Tesla Semi)  2. A Maglev train  3. Electric trolleybus 4. Electric tram 5. Electric car Tesla Model 3 6. BYD K9 -Battery electric bus 7. Shatabdi Express and Electric Locomotive 8. Solar power Aircraft 9. Solar scooter - Torrot Movi 10.  e-Bike


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