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denmark Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

Denmark is a potential hotspot for a globally dominating fitness industry and it has increased dramatically in recent years. Currently, it is expected that the annual fitness industry will generate a revenue of 55 million dollars and the total users will increase to double the number it was the previous year. Denmark is known for limited diversities but the fitness trends in the country have been adopted from various parts of the world and have been moulded in a way which suits the people of the country the best. 

Fitness is not only seen as a way of better lifestyle but also to

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sweden Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

sweden is a country which can be termed as a forever learner. It is known for adapting to new technologies and westernisation. If there is a place where you can learn about different cultures of the world without conventionally witnSweden essing them, then it is Sweden. Its heart is open to diversity and so is the case with the Fitness industry in the country. 

Fitness trends in Sweden vary time and again but the most popular ones stay constant for the major part of the year. If you are a fitness geek, you must have heard or practised the global trend of Crossfit. Sweden and

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germany Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

Germany has transformed itself as a global force in various fields of life, it has been recognised on international levels for bringing up some of the most integral and newest innovations in the history of humanity. Let it be education, health care, sciences, political or socioeconomic challenges, The country has played its role profoundly. The gym and fitness industry is no different than the rest, however, entitled personalities believe that the fitness industry still has a lot of potential in it. However, it has grown tremendously over the years but there are many milestones to be achieved

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