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India Fitness and Gym Industry Trends

  • 09-07-2020

India is a country which can be a sole representative of the diversity in all forms of life and cultures. Let it religions, beliefs, mindsets, or trends in the broader sense of the word. Fluctuations in preferences have now become the only stimulation for change. Similarly, Gyming and Fitness trend is a huge arena of life where the spotlight is blindingly bright and so is the future. Amidst this hugely populated country, there is a great flux of awareness and funds by the youth and middle-aged sector of people. With young people driven towards healthy living and working on their body shape to

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Benefits of a Business Plan

  • 05-05-2020

Any person in this world cannot flourish in his/her life without a proper plan. Similarly, a business cannot grow and shine without a good business plan. Business plan includes a description of a business including its every detail like, from goals and finance to achievement of every decided aspect of a business. A

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COVID 19 crisis – Benefiting Industries

  • 04-22-2020

The coronavirus took the world by storm, leaving thousands unemployed and rendered useless in the face of a global crisis and leading the world to the verge of another economic disaster, yet there are some industries that witnessed a boost in their production and eventually ended up making a fortune. 


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